Wednesday, September 1, 2010

. . . . . Listening vs. Hearing

Every day I listen to music, but I don't always hear it. I can listen all day long and not even know what the words of the song are. I may also listen to my kids in the background and not actually hear what they are saying to me.

Well, I have realized the same is true for my body. I think that I have been listening to it, but it turns out, I haven't heard the messages it is sending me. Last week I had a cold all week. I felt crummy, but just pushed through it, as all mothers would during the first week of school. By Sunday, I felt borderline terrible, and I listened to my body(recognized I felt lousy) , but didn't hear it (respond appropriately). So, instead I wound end making myself 10x worse because I tried to get through the day without really hearing the messages I was being sent.

It wasn't a good day. Lesson learned.

Now I am trying to do better. I am taking the breaks I need and attempting to go to bed earlier. I still don't get near the 10-11 hours of sleep I am supposed to get at this stage of my recovery, but I am honestly trying to hear what my body is saying and rest when I need to. I am learning to take naps and rest during the day when my body is exhausted. That is a good lesson to learn.

The good news is that my eye is doing much better these days! I am closing it (all except about 1-2 mm) and the swelling is nearly gone. My daughter took a few pics to send to Dr. Levine, so check them out. :)

You can see my eye is still open a bit, as is my mouth, both from the paralysis. Still working on learning to close my mouth and keep food/drink inside, but I am getting better!

Though my eye is still swollen, the brow and eyelid surgery have been remarkable in restoring the symmetry to my face and making me look more like me. :)

Here's to more hearing and continued recovery!! :)


Anonymous said...

Holy super awesome batman! You look fabulous! (Oh and your skin looks really good and glowing)

Tami Callister Searle said...

Thinking about you today and decided to check out the blog. You look amazing!!! Glad to see your recovery is going well:)

Anonymous said...

While at the wedding yesterday...(friday) i did keep an eye on you... was hoping to catch you spilling your food.... he he he... You know i am teasing. All kidding aside... you are looking better. Every time i see you... Really. Now as far as colds go... up some vitamins? Keith buys these juice plus vitamins. And i did find that Aub has not been sick once, since she started taking these. She is part of a study program where she gets them for free. And honestly found these do the trick. Just a thought.