Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hospital Stay - Day 30 - More Small Steps

Jodi had a restful night's sleep and felt quite good this morning. While the headaches continue and she has to be careful not to try and do too much, she is trying to push the limits as best she can in hopes of accelerating her recovery. She has gotten up to go to the bathroom again. That's good.

She also took a bath for the first time in 30 days. Sherri had to help hold her head in the right place to keep the headache down, but Jodi loved being immersed in the warm water and really getting clean. The hardest part was actually the "ride" in a chair to and from the room where the bathtub was located. She was sitting up at an angle that spiked her headache, but as she layed back down it was tempered again. Of course, she is still on pain medication (Valium), but is taking it in pill form rather than through an IV. That's good too, because she'll need to be able to handle medications in a pill form when she returns home and it's important for her system to be able to handle it. Jodi has been off the IV completely since last night.

She's also testing the limits on what her stomach can handle without getting sick. She is still on the nausea medicine, but some things sit better on her stomach than other things. We've learned that Ensure works, as does Jamba Juice, grape juice and other juices. Solids are tougher for her to take. She's had small pieces of cheese, French bread, turkey, and mashed potatoes, but these can't be tolerated as well and so she'll take just a bite or two.

Oh, we forgot to tell you that she got her 2nd round of staples out yesterday afternoon. It only hurt when they took out the ones that had gone through her ear. Anyway, her double incision area is looking much better and isn't nearly as swollen as it once was. You can see a picture below.

Jodi enjoyed talking to her sister, Kristi, a few moments ago on the phone and wishing her a Happy Birthday. She's been enjoying the soft refrains of music in the background, complements of another angel who has reached out to her.

She's also looking forward to Tolan coming to the hospital. He had important meetings all day at O. C. Tanner and won't be able to be here until after 5:00 p.m. She's missed him. Everything is better when Tolan is here.

Right now she is resting...the jaunt to the bathroom and taking the bath tuckered her out. Maybe Tolan will be here when she awakens. That would be good too!

Jodi getting situated in a new kind of "wheel chair" that is actually one of the nurse's office chairs.

Wheeling into the bath/shower room...pretty fancy mode of transportation, don't you think?

The warm bath is awaiting, but it's quite the operation just to get there and back!

Jodi's newly washed hair and her double-cut, double-stapled incision...getting better!


Stephanie said...

Hi there Jodi and family! I have some suggestions about the eating and nausea--finally, maybe a tangible way that I can help. I've had personal experience with debilitating nausea and malnutrition from a disorder called gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying). what really helped me was to stick to lots of small meals throughout the day that consisted of soft, low-fiber, low-fat foods. You're on the right track with the Ensure (butter pecan is my fave!) and the smoothies. You may also want to try scrambled eggs--high protein, easy to digest. Other good choices are canned fruit (peaches, pears, applesauce), low-fat pudding, jello, white bread and saltines, and cooked spinach and carrots. Click on this link for a diet that might be helpful:

Lots o' luv,
Stephanie Thornton-Grant

Pam said...

Jodi, you continue to have more courage than anyone I know--and you have more love than anyone I know. Von, you write the best posts with the DETAILS of this trial. It helps me to BE WITH jODI.

Carol Liptrot said...

Hi Jodi. Glad to hear you are moving forward. Even baby steps are great! It is great to hear good progress. Keep up the good work but don't over do things. It looks like they are really inventive with equipment to help move you! I am so excited for you. I will pray for less headaches, peaceful rest, and an increased tolerance for food in your favorite flavor. Lots of love to you and your family.
Love, Carol Liptrot

Anonymous said...

Yay! I've been waiting for a post all day and I'm glad to hear it is one of progress too! =0)
It's amazing how you are loved and cared for by so many people of whom you may not even know..(me being one of those people who just happened to come across your blog of inspiration!) Hopefully soon I'll be reading a post that the title reads "Leaving the hospital to recover in the comfort of my own home"!

Karen said...

Jodi, I am SO happy to hear that you might finally be on the road to a long awaited and much deserved recovery! Sounds like Tolan is a true gem of a husband, so I hope when he returns today, you get to enjoy a few more smiles! I have been amazed, every step of the way, at how strong of a person you are. I'm sure you haven't felt it at times, but my have been through so much and yet you fight on. Amazing. Anyway, I hope you continue to have good days, and hope life will be back to 'normal' soon! ;) Much love, Karen

Brandi said...

I'm so glad you were able to get a bath today. I sure hope that's the longest stretch you've ever had without a bath! And, hopefully it will remain the longest. ;)

Sounds like you're doing well with your eating and drinking. It's no wonder you have to take it slowly; it's been a long time since you've really eaten anything. I'm sure that eating will improve soon, and when it does I'll have to bring you some homemade chocolate chip cookies. :)

Oh, and your hair is growing back really well, although I thought you looked like a rock star with it bald, too.


cathy peterson said...

Hi Jodi, sounds like things are moving the right direction, slowly, but surely. I wanted to share a thought with you, one that I have found useful and helpful at difficult times(now). It is from President Uchtdorf. "We learn to cultivate hope the same way we learn to walk, one step at a time." These small steps may seem insignificant, but even though they are small they are still getting you to your goal of coming home and feeling better. Keep going, you can do it!!! much love, cathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi!
This is the best news of the day. I have been watching all week praying that each day you would get a little stronger. Hopefully now you are finally on the road to recovery. We love you, and you will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

A secret happiness. I trust You, Jodi, are gaining something indispensable which will unfold throughout your life.

What is obvious to me is that God cannot pull out of us the giant spirit in us unless we let him.

"By and by, when we come to gaze on the fitness of things that are now obscure to us, we shall find that God, although he has moved in a mysterious way to accomplish his purposes on the earth and his purposes relative to us as individuals and as families, all things are governed by that wisdom which flows from God, and all things are right and calculated to promote every person's eternal welfare before God."

His light penetrates our situation!

- a continued unfolding...

Your blog shares a Spirit of happiness - Love coming to YOU and Love coming from YOU.

Love to each of YOU!

Leslie M.

Cami Sanders said...

You have made me appreciate every warm shower I take, every bite that I eat and every minute with my girls. Thank you so much for your strength and for helping us all to realize how important these little blessings are in our lives. You're doing great - hope things keep going in the right direction.

Debbie Rhoads said...

Hey Jodi,

I look forward to hearing about you on your blog all day too. Its even better when its encouraging news!!

I shared your story in my sharing time last sunday which was on "Faith in Jesus Christ strengthens my family". I don't know if there has been a time when the spirit has been there more strongly. Its been a really neat thing to see not only how you have handled this whole situation with such faith and courage, but all of your family as well. You are all very special people and great friends to have. We love you and are so grateful for you. Keep up the good work!! You're doing it!


Susan said...

It sounds like you are really making some great progress, Jodi! Especially for someone who has gone through 3 major surgeries in just 30 days! From what your Dad writes, our recovery progress sounds really amazing. The fact that you can get up enough to use the bathroom, take a bath (in a fancy nurse's chair... after so many surgeries is truly amazing!!!! Keep it up. Do they know what is causing the headaches now? More air pockets or from lying so still for so long??

Belinda said...

We used to say someone was a 'brick', if they were strong and handled tough things!
You are a Brick, Jodi! The strongest I've ever met!
Wonderful news and we are rooting for you, always -
Love Belinda and family x

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you are up to a Burger Bar meal. I can deliver. For now, eat the stuff that is easy to digest. You can look forward to the more meaty and tasty stuff soon. Hope you have another good night of rest and enjoy the feeling of a freshly bathed body in clean, crisp sheets--even if they are hospital sheets (for the time being).Take care. With love, Wendy T.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh Jodi!!! You are, and have always been, so beautiful!!! Even with a little hair missing, you are still that stunning, beautirul blond that lives across the street from us two "old farts".....If you don't hurry and get home, your hair will beat you to it!!!! So glad to hear that everyday, every hour, every minute you keep getting stronger and stronger!!! You are amazing Girlfriend!!!! Keep on keepin on!!!! Can't wait to see you!!! Much love, Cindy and Mark Taylor

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear things are getting a little better, and when I read about the music I couldn't help but think of one my most favorite songs that has gotten me through some very hard times. I won't post the whole song but a link to it. Maybe it will help. Praying that things continue to look up.

Pehrson Gang said...

Hey Jodi! The kids and I made it to Utah. I can't wait to see/visit you. We are headed to the zoo on Saturday and I feel a need to come for a visit. I hope Saturday morning is can't come soon enough. I will call in the morning and see if that will still work. It will be so wonderful to see you. Hang in there tough girl!

Jamie Pierce said...

Hi Jodi, I can't read your blog without tearing up. I'm so uplifted by your amazing family and the support that you have. You are so blessed. I continue to pray for you and think about you daily. Your struggles have made me more grateful for my health and ability to be home with my kids. Hang in there! Every little improvement is a step towards home. Keep the faith.
Love, Jamie Pierce

annie said...

Husbands always make things better. As do baths. I am so glad you are able to eat a little more.

My niece works at the hospital. She told me that she was the one that came and got you for your last surgery. Small world isn't it?

She was reading my blog yesterday and noticed the link to your blog. She called to ask me how I knew you. I told her how we know you and then I told her that you are the smartest, bravest most take charge kinda girl that I know. xoxo All our love, Annie D.

Anonymous said...

jodi.. ive been following your blog and am glad to see you progressing! My thoughts and prayers are with you. I agree with cami, you've made me appreciate the little things in life.. Keep the strength. my thoughts and prayers are with you..
-Megan Martinez

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many days we have had this monsoon, but we have seen more rain than I have seen here in a long, long time. The weather is funny. People talk about it all the time and no matter what the weather is, it is not right. Have you ever noticed that? It's too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, not enough of a breeze. I wonder how much of that attitude goes into our lives. Do we ever just stop long enough to enjoy the rain. Listen to the song it sings as it splashes against the earth, a car, the window, the leaves. Each drop makes a different sound, an individual tone all combined to sing glorious hallelujah's. The warmth of the sun on your skin. To me it is a hug. It wraps around and engulfs us with wide stretching comforting arms. We need to find the blessings in all aspects of our lives, because they are always there! Sheree

Anonymous said...

WAHOO!! It is so great to hear good news. You are one in a million. You have been so brave through this whole ordeal. I know you can feel all our pryers for you to gain your strength and be able to return home. WE love you and can hardly wait to feel of your sweet spirit again.
Love Jerry and Carol DeGroot

britt said...

more small, simple steps, all in the right direction. Glad you have got to enjoy some of the simple (and often taken for granted on my part) pleasures of life!
Ipray you have another restful sleep and continue to strength yourself! Lots of love to you

Josh and Melinda Adams Family said...

Wow, Jodi, you are making me more thankful for the small, simple things that we all obviously take for baths!
I am continually amazed at your will. Keep it up. You are in mine and my family's prayers. Even my girls make sure the check your blog everyday and pray for you.
Melinda Adams

Carolyn said...

Hi Jodi,
I am glad you are making small progress each day is helping you in the recovery progress, and one step closer to getting you home again. Even though you may not realize you are an inspiration to many people who read your blog. I have learned much from you, and the trials you have experienced in these past two months. You have and are part of a stalwart and loving family just incredibly amazing family!! We love you, and you remain in our daily thoughts and prayers.

Carolyn & family

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,
How great that you were able to take a nice warm bath. I like the office chair. Your scar looks like it is healing well considering.

Through all you have been through thus far its great to see what a fighter you are. I can see you are determined and doing everything you can to get better. And you will get better, and better and better,even though it may take time. Keep up the fight!!!
I have said it before and I will say it again you are an amazing person. Can I call you wonderwoman?
Michelle Tavakolian

Karen said...

Hurrah and huzzah! I am doing a dance, kickin' up my heels for you. It's so wonderful to hear that you were able to take these small steps today, that will lead to bigger steps. I am so thrilled for you. Hang in there! Liu

Anonymous said...

A new day Jodi and Tolan. The sun is shining and I am hoping and praying that this day will be a good one for you. Jodi you are so strong and I admire you so much. Sherri and Von, I love you tons and all of you are constantly in my thoughts and of course my prayers. Love you, Sue Davis