Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We have hope

Jodi had a very long night, her worst so far, and a long day with the severe spinal headaches. She said the pain was more intense than the pain of having a baby. The purpose of the lumbar drain was to reduce the pressure of the CSF (purposely allowing it to leak out – like a pressure relief valve) to give the packing in the brain time to heal. At about 4:30pm this afternoon a doctor removed the lumbar drain and instructed Jodi to remain flat on her back for three hours and then slowly elevate her head as she could tolerate it. Because of the nausea Jodi hasn’t had much to eat or drink all day so they hooked her up to an IV again to prevent dehydration and to help her body regenerate CSF. If the leak in her head does not reoccur and there is no leaking from the location where the lumbar drain was inserted Jodi should start feeling better soon and could go home as soon as tomorrow afternoon. That’s what we’re hoping for.



Anonymous said...

Dear Jodi,
We follow the blog daily. We are so sorry to hear that you have had so much pain again. Your positive attitude and strength continue to bless us all. You truely are a example of courage and faith. We love you and continue to keep you in our prayers. We pray for you to quickly recover and be pain free! We love you
Deanne, Steve & family

britt said...

praying for a good nights rest for YOU, for the pain to decrease A LOT and for you to be able to go home soon!
love ya and good night!

Anonymous said...

Just hoping that the blog will have some very positive news tomorrow. Like a title "Jodi Feels a Million Times Better!" Or the "Best Night Rest in all the Nights at the Hospital!" What a huge trial that this has been for you, Jodi and even the kids. We are hoping tomorrow will be the day that Jodi can go home and start the road to full recovery at home. Love, Brandon, Debbie and Kids

Kara said...

We pray for you every night and I so hope that everything goes well so you can go home to your family! You are such an inspiration to me, stay strong:)

Anonymous said...

Tonight I started thinking of the hospital renovation. The planning and high hopes of the finished project. The careful scheduling and organizing of the work to be done. Then it starts. At first it looks like a mess. The mess gets larger and everybody involved is inconvenienced. From the outside it is jumbled, looking as if there is no order or direction. Anybody who comes near sees chaos, some get angry because of the challenges it presents, others try to ignore it and then there are those who beyond all the disruption around them see the future. They see a beautiful building rising up through dirt and dust and noise. They see potencial. Over time, purpose. At first. though faint, a building emerges and others see. The chaos seems smaller, the disruption worth the cause. Because in the end, the building is beautiful. It has risen up from the earth and given purpose and life to all who enter. It forever touches our lives.

Kristi said...


I wish I could take away all your pain. It hurts here in Hawaii when you are hurting.

I love you and continue to be amazingly proud of my "little sister".

Keep smiling!!

All my love,

wjmom said...

Today is a day of celebration at our house, as our oldest daughter graduates from high school. As we celebrate, I will think of you, and pray that you get to enjoy this same celebration with each member of your beautiful family--well and whole! God bless you! I hope today is a better day.


Debbie said...


I really really hope today is a better day for you. I'm so sorry you've been suffering so much. I just don't even know what to say. You're amazing and you've done a great job getting through all this so far. Hopefully you can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and hang in there just a little bit longer. You're an inspriation of faith and endurance. I wish there was something more we could do to help ease your burdens. We love you.

The Rhoads

Anonymous said...

Dear Jodi,
I hope today is a better day for you. You are such a fighter. I can't wait to see you be able to walk up Bridal viel with your little ones someday soon. You have such a wonderful family to support you throgh this dificault time. It looks like all the children are having fun. It's a wonderful thing to see. Your mom and Tammy are doing a great job keeping them busy!! Constantly praying for a speedy recovery.
Always thinking of you and your family,

Cathleen Sparrow said...

thinking of you and hoping that today will continue in a positive way. Best - Cathleen
PS: Board meeting know how those go!

hartleyhouse said...

We're crossing our fingers for you, hoping that today is the day you get to leave that hospital and go home to your family!
We are praying for you, hoping that the pain will subside and your recovery will be quick.
Clark & Laura

Cynthia Robbins said...

Dear Jodi,

This is from your old neighbors in Orem. We are hoping and praying that you will have a better day. We also want you to know that your children are being well taken care of by your mother, she is a remarkable woman and you have a wonderful family to support you through this difficult time. Hang in there we love you . Love The Robbins