Monday, June 8, 2009


They just took Jodi into surgery. We had the chance to ask Dr. Orlandi a few questions before they went in. He stressed that the procedure he is attempting is something experimental that he and Dr. Shelton wrote a paper on and has only been done about six times. The advantage over the traditional approach through the ear is that some hearing is preserved with this procedure. He also mentioned that it is very difficult and an attempt to teach another doctor the procedure failed due to the complexity so he is currently the only doctor doing it. Apparently the trick is working in such a tiny space with a needle and it can take between ½ hour up to 2 ½ hours – the variation is due to the differences in each person’s sinus passageways. He also stressed that this procedure is permanent. He also mentioned that down the road if the CSF leak eventually heals itself there MIGHT be a possibility of adding a tube to her ear to help her equalize the pressure – like they often do for children.



Team Judi said...

Having sat through a few, we have learned how long and draining these surgery days can be, both for the patient and those waiting outside for news.

We are continuing to pray for you, Jodi, and your family. I am looking forward to a post from you saying that you are feeling better and are headed home! :)

Anonymous said...

Tolan, Jodi, Sherri, and Von,
I am sad to hear that Jodi had to have surgery again, but I am praying that this will solve the leakage for her. I will check in later - my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Love, Sue Davis

Stephanie said...

Jodi, hon, your VA pals are still praying and watching out for you. Keep on may seem like two steps forward, one step back right now, but soon you will be WALKING. FORWARD. OUT. OF. THAT. HOSPITAL.

Much love to you and your family,
Stephanie Thornton-Grant

Belinda said...

To you all,
Prayers are with you more than ever!! We hope that all goes smoothly for the surgery- and for a very quick recovery!
Love The Jacksons x

April said...

You have definetly been blessed with the best doctors around. I hope this will be the last procedure and you will all be able to come home quickly. Love, April B.

Darlene said...

Jodi & Tolan,
It seems like you two are getting pretty proficient at the waiting game. Each day brings a new variable to the timeline. We'll all be so happy when the final box: "put on your own clothes and get out here!" is checked off. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family. (When Mom is suffering, the whole family needs comfort) Your circle of "family" just keeps getting bigger and bigger as more prayers are sent in your behalf. Thanks for all the updates which allow us to keep up with your progress.
Love always,
Aunt Darlene, Uncle Mark & family