Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Surgery #4

Compared to what Jodi has been through in the past month the surgery today was minor. However, it still wasn’t fun. Her appointment was at 2:30pm but she didn’t actually get into surgery until after 5pm. She had to fast all day and by the time she got into surgery she was feeling quite hungry and weak. They sewed a gold weight into her eyelid and injected colagen into her lower lid. The purpose of the surgery was to help Jodi close her right eye. With the facial paralysis not being able to close the right eye has been her biggest frustration. Also, testing showed her cornea was getting damaged.

The doctor said the surgery went well. She doesn’t look too bad at this point though her eye is puffy. The doctor said the swelling won’t peak for a couple days and then will slowly diminish over the next two week. He said by tomorrow or Friday she will look like she was punched in the eye.

We didn't get home until after 8pm and Jodi is still feeling pretty lousy from the anesthesia and is feeling like she wants to sleep. I suspect she won’t feel very good for a couple days. The doctor assures us that everything he did today is reversible and once Jodi’s facial nerves start functioning again the gold weight can easily be removed. Hopefully that day isn’t too far off in the distance.

We’re just hoping Jodi won’t need any more surgeries and can focus on making a full recovery!



The Hall's said...

You are a trooper Jodi! Keep hanging in there and we'll be hoping and praying your FULL recovery is right around the corner! Love ya

Anonymous said...

Jodi: Bless your heart!!! I cannot even begin to imagine your courage to go thru with yet another, but much needed, surgery! I hope you know how much all of us care for you and are so hopeful that this shall be the last challenge you have to face! Tolan, God Bless you! Mom, God Bless you!!! Let us pray for "sparklers and magnificent fireworks" on your journey to recovery!!! My arms are around you Girlfriend! Love Always, Cindy Taylor

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that everything went as planned, one out of four isn't bad I guess ;) Hope the recovery is quick! Love, April B.

Anonymous said...

"The Lord will not leave us comfortless. He is our Father and our God and is interested in each of us. He will hear our earnest petitions and in his own time will give answer to our questions."
For They Shall Be Comforted

I see a lighthouse in the dark
Far in the distance through the night
The light grows bright then dim again
But steady and unmoving to bring me in

It sits on the very edge of land
Close to the ocean shore
Feeling the spray from each giant wave
But standing tall and brave.

Years and years of beating
the lighthouse never gives in
It will always continue to be
As long as there are ships on the sea.


Kari said...

You have been through SO much and I am amazed at your strength and courage. I'm so thankful for your blog and especially to know you are home with your family. Good luck with the eye surgery--hang in there. Your Grantsville friends are praying for you.
Love, Kari (Palmer) Lawton

Martin Merx said...

You deserve much more than a little bit of gold after going through all this!

Flints Facts said...

So glad things went well today...I hope now you can just focus on recovering and getting your strength back. Hang in there!!!

Lots of hugs and love,

Diane said...

I'm always happy to hear that you are one more step closer to a full recovery. I love you and pray for you every day. Hey, now you can say your eyelids are heavy and really mean it. At least one eyelid anyway. ;)

Carol Liptrot said...

I'm glad the surgery went as planned and was successful. Jodi, I'm sure you feel like you run a new marathon each day and are so exhausted. I hope you are able to really have some good peaceful rest and after a couple of days of swelling you can really focus on your recovery and getting your strength back. Your courage is amazing. I pray the Lord will give you whatever you need to get feeling better soon. Love you.
Carol Liptrot

Wendie said...

I am soooo glad that you are home and surgery # 4 is complete. I hope and pray that you will continue to heal. It was great to see the pictures of you in your home holding your babies, it must have felt even better!! Love to you, Wendie

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,
I am happy to hear that the surgery is done and that you can start feeling better. I hope your day is wonderful and know that I am thinking of you. Love, Sue D.

Anonymous said...

You go Jodi! You're so awesome and we all love you so much. I really think all the prayers are working and you will be completely back to your normal self before you know it.

Love Nancy

Tami said...

Hey Jo, how much is that gold bar worth? Will they let you keep it when you take it out, maybe you could cash it in to pay for all of this fun stuff! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Just another "hang in there" from your friend Craig Bielik! I'm watching your progress almost daily and sure appreciate those who keep us updated too. I'll bet like 3.65 million people are pulling for you and I'm happy to say I'm one! Go Jodi!

Emily said...

I am so sorry I haven't been near a computer lately to check up on your progress. I am at my moms house, and I was on my way out to see you. I noticed that you had surgery yesterday, so I will wait another day to come and visit. I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well. I feel terrible that I haven't seen you. But I want you to know that I think about you every second. I know you can pull through this. You are amazing!!! Love, Emily Swalberg

Nichole Giles said...

Well, you know the saying in for a penny...right? You've had three brain surgeries, so what's one more procedure?

Except a lot of discomfort and frustration and all that.

Look up, though. If you try hard enough, you just might see a break in the clouds. (To understand what I mean, check out this blog: Coming out of the Clouds )

Quote of the day:
“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger