Tuesday, June 9, 2009

End of Day 28 Update - Improving, but Still with Headaches

As of right now, Jodi has occupied eight different rooms on three different floors of the hospital. She's now in Room 2, back on the 5th Floor, where she has also been a resident in Rooms 1 & 5.

She's been treated and attended by dozens of doctors, nurses, and aids...nearly all of whom have been superb!

While she is doing better today than yesterday and considerably better than Sunday, Jodi continues to suffer significant headache pain. These are not, spinal headaches, however. They are "throbbing" headaches, as she describes them.

We think they are primarily as a result of laying basically flat for the last 5 days. Jodi can tell the difference and is grateful these are not spinal headaches. Still they are painful and they make it difficult for her to move or get up. She's had her bed inclined for a portion of the day, but she could only take it in small doses.

She can't breathe out of her nose, because it is still plugged from the drainage (blood, etc.) from the surgery, so her mouth and lips feel dry all the time. She needs to keep sipping on water to moisten the inside of her mouth.

She has slept a lot today, which has been very much needed. She also got out of bed (to go to the bathroom --- actually she used a potty chair placed next to her bed), which was the first time she's been able to do that in almost a week. She ate a little pasta for dinner...a small portion, but at least she received something more substantial than the IV fluid. Oh, she also drank a whole can of Ensure.

We just read all of the comments left on the blog for the last two days to Jodi. She really appreciated every one. This is her favorite activity. Thank you so much!

Right now the doctors are targeting Friday for Jodi to be released. Hopefully, she'll make a little progress each day so that becomes possible.


April Blakeley said...

GO JODI, GO!!! Sounds like you are making some good progress towards home

Flints Facts said...

Jodi, I am glad to hear you are doing alittle better today...I pray that you continue to get stronger and feeling better so that going home on friday can be a reality!!! Know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Lots of love to you and your family, Kelly

Anonymous said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!! And ya know what...that Ensure isn't that bad!!! When you are home and feeling better, i would love to come over and give you a much deserved pedicure! Complements of Cindy! Keep on keepin on Girlfriend!!!! Great news! Much love to you and yours. Cindy and Mark Taylor

cathy peterson said...

I am so glad to hear that you may be coming home in just a few days, YEAH! It looks like I may be going to Big Sky after all and we are leaving on Friday. We will be gone for a week which means that when I get back, hopefully, you will be feeling great and would like a visit from me. I can't wait to see you. Keep getting better so you will be home this weekend. Love you, Cathy

Anonymous said...

We're pulling for you Jodi! I hope you can come home so that I can come visit. Hang in there girl You can do it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi!
We're sorry you're still having headaches, but SO glad to hear that you can see improvement! We hope that it continues and that you can soon be back in your "HOME SWEET HOME"! Hang in there, get lots of rest, and know that, as always, our LOVE and PRAYERS are with you!!!
The Tates

Tami Callister Searle said...

Hooray...what wonderful news! Sounds like things are improving! Let's all pray for a nice trip HOME on Friday. Good luck and may God continue to be with you as you continue on this long journey! Love, Tami

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,
It is so great to hear that you are making a little progress. We love you and pray for you to continue to improve every day. Lots of love to you and your family. You are all (your mom and dad too) in our prayers!
Love Deanne, Steve and family

Sanya said...

Wow, 30 days and 30 nights in the hospital lay down in bed. You are my hero. We will continue pray for you.
With Love
Sanya & Saras

Michelle said...

We are SO pleased to hear PROGRESS!!! Keep it up, Jodi! You can pull through this. Dang, look what you've been through. Keep eating too! Baby steps will turn into big steps. We continue to pray for you. Yeah! Lots of love...

Amy Wicks said...

I have strawberries that are almost ripe, like 2 days from ripe in my garden...waiting for you to make it out of the hospital.

I have every hope that you will be well enough to flee that hospital by the end of the week.

Susan Judd said...

You are a pillar of strength, Jodi!! You have made it through this ordeal and now you know that you can make it through anything!! You kept the faith!!! Yeah!!! We are praying that you will be able to go home on Friday!
Susan and Terry Judd

Karen said...

I hope you get to go home soon!!! Liu

Anonymous said...

WoW! I just came across this blog ( I thought this was a different Jodi) but anyway, I just read your whole story and I just bawled my eyes out! I don't even know you, but you are truly an inspiration. You've been through a great deal and you still have a smile on your face! You have an amazing family and support group! I too, hope for you to have a speedy recovery and continue in the right direction! I've been honestly touched...You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers!
May God bless!

Pam said...

Jodi, here's a funny story about your dad. When I lived in Orem, I had two red accent walls in the kitchen and dining room. One day several of us met at my house to help me figure out some things about my coaching practice. Your dad was one of those folks.

He walked in and the only chair left at the dining room table was one that faced the red wall.

I'll never forget his face! He was so turned off by that red wall that he asked someone to trade seats with him so he didn't have to look at it. Tee Hee.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Jodi - I thought about you a lot last night. I hope you were able to have a good night of sleep and I hope today will be better for you. Thinking of you constantly. Love, Sue Davis

joanandkeith said...

I have been reading your Blog and cannot believe what you have been going through and what a wonderful family you have.
I only worked with you for a short time at Shaken Baby but you are one of the favorites that I have worked with since I started volunteering in 1999. I pray for you and know you will lick this thing.
As a person who has suffered from Migraine Headaches I can barely stand to read how much pain you have had.
This Blog is a wonderful idea and I really appreciate being able to keep informed.
You are in good hands and we all pray you will be home soon!!!
Sincerely, Joan Hunt

Debbie Rhoads said...

Hey Jodi,

Hope those headaches go away completely today. You've really had your share, but you've hung tough! Can't wait until you're home and feeling great again. It will come.


britt said...

One day at a time...little steps and progress...that is what we all hope for, so YOU can make it home at the end of the week. I don't know if it is appropriate to say I am glad you have the other headaches instead of the spinal, but I guess that alone is progress, right?! Get lots of rest and I am hoping for the very best!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi and family! Craig Bielik here saying hello and wishing you all the best. I'm watching your blog and seeing your progress. Hang in there! You all sound like 362 times stronger than I could ever be. Please let me know if I can help. Here's a funny quote:
"whenever I feel down I stop for a minute and imagine a world where babies would be born with mustaches"

Anonymous said...

Friday could be your new favorite day of the week! 6/12/09 may become your favorite day of the year. Well, perhaps that is stretching it. However, the day you get to be well enough to go home will be wonderful, delightful, fantastic, amazing, relieving, and so long awaited!!!
;)Wendy T.

Shauna F. said...

Hi Jodi,
We're so glad to hear that you are feeling alittle better today. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We hope that you get better and stronger each day so that you can go home where you will really improve. There is just no better medicine than home!
With love,
Shauna and Jon Fish

Cami Sanders said...

Love to hear better news! Jodi, you are absolutely amazing. See you at home, soon.

Belinda said...

Roll on Friday! Here we come!
I do hope the headaches stop soon - I can't imagine!!
Look forward to Friday!!
Love you.
I hope that I wasn't there too late on Saturday!
Love you. x

Anonymous said...

You have been on my mind a lot today. I just want you to know I care. Heavenly Father cares. You are loved.

Teresa Knight said...

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