Sunday, June 21, 2009

Appeal for More Prayers


I just arrived back in Hawaii and spoke to Jodi by phone a few moments ago. She asked me if I would update the blog tonight with an appeal for more prayers. Jodi has felt sick much of the weekend and most particularly today and she feels as though her strength is waning. We think this may be, in part, due to the medications she's been taking since she left the hospital. Some adjustments are being made in that regard, which we hope will help.

She is genuinely concerned about going into another surgery on Wednesday, even on an out-patient basis, with the sickness and increasing weakness she's been experiencing.

Jodi is asking if you could please pray for her to receive an increase in her strength and well-being as she prepares for Wednesday's surgery.

Thank you again for your special love and caring and your continued prayers on Jodi's behalf.

With much appreciation,



ninjistic said...


I love you and am praying for you every day.



Tami said...

Done Deal!


AA said...

Hi Jodi,

I am truly amazed at how strong you are, and the amazing support and strength of your family as well! Through all of this, you have also been so optimistic! You are truly an inspiration to us all! Thank you so much! Remember that Heavenly Father loves you more than anything and is there to help you through the tough times, and is the only one who knows exactly what you are going through. I pray that you might continue to have strength beyond your own. Things will work out- they always do. Trust in the Lord.
You're in my thoughts and prayers- Hold on!

:) Adrianne Andersen (Trendon and Lindi's teacher from McKay Dee Child Development Center)

Anonymous said...

Now to heaven each prayer ascending. God speed the right!

Love you and feel everything you are going through reading it. This is a good thing. We do this life together and you have so many who take this journey with you.


Leslie M.

Michelle said...

We haven't stopped praying for you. I've been absent from the blog for the past week due to schedule but you are in our constant thoughts and prayers. We love you and will continue to pray. Hang in there, girl!

Nichole Giles said...

More prayers? You got 'em. Thoughts too.

Quote of the day:

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.” ~Dolly Parton

Susan Judd said...


We don't blame you for being a little gun shy of any surgery. Your strength will return. It is an up and down kind of thing due to various things like out patient surgery, daily events, etc. Hang in there. You have come a long ways!! Prayers are being sent for sure!

Susan Judd

Pam said...

I am in your army of prayer warriers, Jodi. My prayers go upward for you.

britt said...

Always in my thoughts and prayers! Good luck with the surgery and I sure hope you get to feeling NORMAL or something close to that soon :)

Carol Liptrot said...

Dear Jodi, I'm sorry to hear things are a little more difficult than you had anticipated at this time. Payers have been non-stop, but we will do some double duty in your behalf. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to help out more. Sometimes we wish there was more we could do, and this is something we can help with. Rest and prepare for Wednesday. I know the Lord will bless you. Love to you.
Love, Carol Liptrot

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you. Keep on plugging on. We love you.
Shalyce, Hydee, Jessica

Anonymous said...


I haven't stopped praying for you. Please know how much we love you. I will check in later. Love, Sue Davis

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers continue to be sent your way. I couldn't imagine how you must feel with the thoughts of another surgery. I am praying that you will recover as quickly as possible.
April B.

Teresa said...

If you want something fun to make you laugh and get your mind off you pain, try out this site .Of course, we will continue to pray for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you always. May Heavenly Father bless you with strength to take on another surgery. We love you and want sooo... much for you to feel better!!
Love, Saras

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you every night as a family. We will continue until you are back on your feet (with lots of energy)! We love you. Annette

Anonymous said...

May the Lord be with you. Give you strength and peace.

Julie M said...

Our prayers are still with you!

Flints Facts said...

Jodi, Good Luck tomorrow!!! Our prayers continue to be with you. May you have the strength that you need!

We love you,
Kelly and family