Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hospital Stay - Day 32 - Hungry

Jodi's progress today has been a little slower than the last two days, but she has been up twice for short periods. She'll try to do more as the day progresses.

The best sign of continued recovery is that her appetite continues to improve. She woke up feeling hungry and so far today has had some Honey Nut Cheerios, Cream 'o Wheat, Salad (one that tasted like it came from the outside with olives, baby tomatos, shedded turkey, cucumbers, lettuce, and salad dressing), and some home-made bread with butter. All of it tasted good to her. That's meaningful, because one of the effects of all of this have been that her taste buds haven't really been working and things haven't really tasted very good in the past. She has been trying to eat just because she knows she needs to get her digestive system back up and functioning, but today the food has actually tasted pretty good.

We had a long talk with Dr. Sara Gardner (one of Dr. Couldwell's team) today and she indicated that Jodi can go home when she is healthy enough and strong enough to function to a certain degree on her own, including being able to get up and walk on her own. So far she's not there yet, but she'll just keep working at it until she is.

Jodi wants to thank a "far away" friend who came to visit and Grandma Brown for taking such good care of the kids. She also wants to wish Grandpa Brown a Happy Birthday. She hopes Tolan or someone will pass this along to him, since she's not sure he'll be checking the blog.


Leslie said...

Yay, Jodi! We continue to pray that you will feel good enough to go home soon and be with your family! You've been through so much! We have you in our constant prayers! Leslie & Jason Guthrie

Belinda said...

I know there are many who are going away this weekend - and will be frustrated that they can't check the blog!!! But for all of those out there - we are sooo happy for the progress, and know you'll continue!
Love from all of us!
Everywhere!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Chad and Stacey said...

Congrats on the progress! Keep it up so you can get home soon!!

Anonymous said...

Jodi, You are an amazing woman and have so much strength to go through this. I wanted to let you know that Dr. Cauldwell was my dads doctor when he had his tumor a couple years ago and we are so grateful for his expertise in that field. He definately know what he is doing. Seeing you fight like you ahve had to do has helped me with the hope we need in our own family and the prayers that have been answered for you has helped make my testimony stronger knowing that this church is definately the true church. You are amzing and we pray for your and your family every day and every time I see your kids I make sure I get a smile out of them because that smile will take them a long way. Keep up the great progress and we love you!! Kim Schneider

Anonymous said...

Loni shared with me how good you seemed today! So grateful for your appetite and all of your faithful cheerleaders who realize we are all in this life together and God has given us one another. Oh what a blessing to care about you and how you are and knowing you are surrounded by love. This love is heaven on earth.

Love to each of you! Leslie M. XO

britt said...

I feel like such a lame friend-haven't called or been to see you for a long time! But please know I think of you often and am cheering on, from behind the scenes, all the time :) Glad to hear you are getting your appetite back and able to enjoy some goods! Love ya and keep your spirits up. You WILL be home soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jodi,
So good to see you laid down with a cup of pudding in your hand by the window side!! It's getting just a little closer to beimg able to go home, isn't it? You are hungry, that's a really good sign. Since Tolan ate the whole bag of Ligerice Caramel,made by the 8th ward YW (Fund Raising for camp) and you could not eat any then, I promiss, I will get you some when you come down to Orem next time. I will learn to make it since the Fund raising is over!! Everyone at the Hill Crest 8th Ward is sheering you on. Sister Coombs keeps everybody update on the blog regularly. Last sunday was a fast sunday,sister Grierson annouced your set back in the RS and asked for everyone to think of you in their fast and prayers. It was so sweet to hear how everyone is rooting for your speedy recovery. We all love you and want you to get better very soon. You have the most wonderful parents and husband. Tolan is doing such a great job entertaining the children and updating the blog. We learned so much from his update on the detail of what you are going throgh! Your dad's updates are on the softer side that have touched so many hearts!
Our thoughts and prayers are with you always.
Love, Saras & Sanya Pimsakul and family.

Debbie said...

Glad you're feeling better Jodi. It has been a neat thing to see all the love and hope and help that surrounds you by all those who's lives you have touched. You're a great person with many great things in store for you.

However much I am addicted to checking your blogg constantly I really look forward to the day when this is all over. In the mean time however I've see a lot of love and learned a lot about faith and prayer. Thanks for all that your suffering and sacrifices have have taught me. I'm so sorry you've had to endure all of this, but I think we've all been taught a few lessons along the way. I really appreciate your love and strength and example.

Can't wait 'til we can go do fun things together again! We love you!!

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

Jodi - Food tasting good is a good sign!! This feels positive finally!!! I'm sooooo happy. Although the Hospital is wonderful and necessary place, there is no place like home to help speed the healing process. I know you and your family will be so happy when that happens, and everyone who has been going on this journey with you. You have so many great friends and wonderful people praying and rooting for you. It is heartwarming to see. Love you Jodi. Can't wait to come visit you at home. Love, Noellee