Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prayers Needed & Prayers Answered

Right after I posted the last update Jodi took a dive with a spiraling headache and churning nausea. For hours she didn't move. She didn't talk. For part of that time she was in a medication induced sleep. When she was awake she was absolutely misable.

Finally, about two hours ago, she asked Tolan and me if she could have another blessing. In part, the blessing said that the Lord was hearing the prayers of the hundreds who were appealing to Heaven on her behalf. She really needed those prayers. The blessing also said that there were those who had been "assigned" to attend to her needs. It felt like those words referred to caring people on both sides of the veil.

Immediately following the blessing Jodi perked up. Two couples then appeared at the door to her room. They brought with them light and life, encouragement and hope, kindness and caring. The downward fall was reversed. The misery was curtailed. Prayers were answered. We then read all the latest comments on the blog. Oh, yes, those "assigned" on both sides of the veil had once more come with healing balm from on high.

And so the journey continues with steps upward, falls downward, and angel-assisted climbs upward again!

You are those angels! You are the answers to our prayers! May the God of Heaven bless you the way you have blessed Jodi and each of us!

Right now the nurse is taking out Jodi's old IV's and putting in new ones. Each is only good for about a week. They aren't actually being used anymore, but are there just in case. After this Jodi hopes to get some much needed rest.

Jodi wants to express her deep appreciation to Grandma Brown for taking care of the kids this week, which has allowed Tolan and Jodi's Mom to be with Jodi in the hospital.

Thanks, too, for those who have shared links to websites with inspiring stories, inspiring music, and needed advice.

Thanks again, to those who have never met Jodi, but who join with family and friends in providing encouragement and offering prayers. You, too, have been an inspiration to us.


Martin Merx said...

It's a new day and each day that goes by gets you closer to being healthy again!

Keep it up and hang in there!

Anonymous said...

The power of the priesthood is real. I am thankful you could call upon your dad and Tolan for help. I sure hope and pray you can get off this roller coaster ride of misery and pain very soon. I pray that there well be many more bright spots in your day tomorrow. Love, Wendy T.

Karen said...

What an amazing blessing. Hearing some of the words pronounced gave me chills. Heavenly Father is so aware of you, of your family, of each of us who is praying for you. A big fat hug and kiss to you! Hang in there, my friend! Liu

Brandon "Awesomeness" Orgill said...

I love you Jodi. I will be there soon. I'm praying for you!


Carol Liptrot said...

Good Morning Jodi. You continue to amaze everyone with your strength and endurance. I am so in awe over all that you have gone through and how close you are to our Father in Heaven to receive additional strength through the priesthood. Again I pray for peace and comfort for you. I hope you get the rest and strength you need this day.
Lots of love to you.
Love, Carol Liptrot

Anonymous said...

Gosh Darn it, huh!!! Jodi please know that we travel this high and low road with you. When you are feeling good, so are we. And when you take a turn downward, we fall with you! I am going to fast for you today and hope that my prayers for you, along with all others, will take you on a continued journey upward. God Bless you and your wonderful family. Cindy Taylor

Joni said...

Jodi, I am so amazed at your courage and your amazing spirit! When I read this last post, the children and I said a special prayer for you that you might be relieved of this pain and feel the arms of everyone around you wanting so badly for your suffering to end! I hope today is better for you! You have such wonderful parents, family, husband and children and friends! May you have a smile on your face today!! With love, Joni

Cami said...

I will never complain about a headache again! I think that you have had a 30 day one! I pray that things will start to look up for you. I also notice that hair growing back in!
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

The Martinez girls (Janeen & Megan) just got me up to speed on what you guys have been up to.....I just wanted you to know that you are our thoughts and prayers. You are one ToUgH Mother!! Hang in there girl :) Ryan & Jenny Rackham

Anonymous said...

Jodi- just want you to know that we're thinking of you. We follow your blog every day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we love you!

Danny, Tova and Family

Anonymous said...

Jody today is a sunny day. May your day be brighter today. You're in our prayers everyday. You look beautiful even after all you've been through. Your hair is growing back so fast. We can grow our hair back together. Priesthood blessings are so powerful what a beautiful blessing your father and Tolan gave. I know the Lord is by your side and holds you in his arms. Two steps forward and one step backward. You will make it one step at a time. Our family sends our love.

Love Nancy

Debbie Rhoads said...

I'm just in tears for you Jodi. I am grateful to hear that you are being helped and taken care of even when it doesn't seem to be so. It brings a little comfort. I know He does love you and is holding you and caring for you. I wish there were more that I could do to help. We love you and continue to plead to heaven in your behalf.


Karen Coleman said...

Hi Jodi, We only met a couple of times in the office, but you probably know me better as Jack's mom, the period of purple crying baby. Anyway, like everyone else, I have been following the posts about you and your journey for many weeks now, and my heart, prayers and thoughts have been with you and your family. My husband's skull was accidentally fractured during a surgery he had to have, and he had a spinal fluid leak and air pockets form all around his brain. Just remembering the pain, which sounds like such a simple word to describe what he went through, makes my heart hurt for you and pray for a hastened recovery. He contracted bacterial meningitus from the open pathway to his brain, and as a result from that, the leak and the surgery, he too, suffered hearing loss, as well as a loss of smell and taste. But, it has been more than a year now, and we are still so thankful for his recovery, his laugh and the way he makes us all laugh and love. So, girlfriend, you keep fighting, and know that we are all fighting the fight with you and for you. Love and prayers, Karen Coleman (from across the hall at Prevent Child Abuse Utah)

Cathy Peterson said...

Hi Jodi,
I admire you so much for hanging in there and not giving up. It's amazing how a positive attitude helps. I am glad that we are able to pray and fast and help you overcome these hardships. You are a shining example to all of us of determination. I am leaving to go to Big Sky and we have never been able to get internet reception there. I will miss not reading your updates each day. I hope that when I return home on Sun. June 21 that you will be feeling very well and hopefully and home with Tolon and sweet kids. Take care Jodi. You will be in my prayers the whole time I am gone. I love you, Cathy

Tami said...

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.

Now I am sure you have heard this next part, but it totally fits you right now, in a funny make you laugh way.

..But the roses are withered, the violets are all dead (can't expect them to stay alive after 30 days for heavens sake) the sugar is lumpy and so is your head. ;-) (I bet you have never had this lumpy of a head before) Isn't that just perfectly fitting right now?! Don't laugh too hard, I would feel awful if what I said caused additional pains.

I don't think you are superwoman anymore...She-Ra is better. She has super fabulous powers and strength. She evens has what looks like a big blonde wig, which will kind of be you after your extensions? ;-)

I love you more than my vacuum! (ooh man that is a good one, can you imagine my hidious carpet without my vacuum)

Love Your Guts-Tam

(For any non family member that may read my comments, please know I am not an insensitive random person that says crazy things. I am Jodi's sister who knows her very well...and they say laughter is the best medicine. All posts are meant in good fun to lighten Jodi's mood and let her know I am here and thinking about her 24/7)...whew now that is cleared up.

Larina said...

Hi Jodi... through the seemingly random connections on Facebook, I heard about your trial and wanted to add my prayers to the MANY that are going your way. I'm hoping you remember me from Warrenton-- I used to be Larina Orlando but got married so now I'm Larina Pierce. I live in North Carolina and I have a 10 month-old daughter, Camille. About 7 hours after she was born, we learned that she has Down syndrome... and that seemingly dark news has actually turned into quite a happy deal! She's a smart and zany little girl who has won the hearts of many. But that's all beside the point (except that we have to keep our faith) and I will be following your blog until we get the last happy news that you are going home once and for all. Knowing that you didn't ask for this struggle, please also know that you are quite an inspiration.
- Larina Pierce