Wednesday, September 15, 2010

. . . . . . Mother Moments

UPDATE: Is it too late to change this post and beat myself up again?? Monday and yesterday were good mothering days, today, both the 5-year old and I are in tears. In this scenario, no one wins? Anyone for a do-over? (And now, back to the original post...)

My boys (the 5 and 3 year olds) have been fighting lately. They are together for most of the day (minus half-day kindergarten), they share a room, share friends, share toys and just about everything else, too. But, several times a day, they get tired of sharing and they fight instead. Welcome Mother Moments.

This week, however, I am not feeling down on myself for losing my temper or getting frustrated, I am actually pretty proud of a few of my Moments. :) This week I disciplined with love, I tried to help the boys see the results of their actions, I attempted to handle each Moment with the treatment needed at the time. I followed through on promised discipline, I reacted immediately and fairly, and within inserting my personal emotions. Wow, if I do nothing else this week, I will still feel good, because I had these positive Mother Moments.

Being a mom is the greatest calling in the world, but it is also the hardest. Many days I feel discouraged because the task is so enormous and I am often not up to par with the love my young ones deserve. When I am tired and my body is exhausted, my Moments are not ones to be proud of. So, today I am celebrating the things I did right, since I also get down on myself when I mess up.  Please share a few of your proud parenting moments, too. I think we should all get a pat on the back for the days we do things right! :)

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wjmom said...

When you are a mean mom while they are little, they grow up to be so great! While there is still lots and lots of mothering to do, and while it's different with teens, it is very rewarding to see the wonderful young people are children have become. They were born amazing, it is true. But I'd like to think that their dad and I had a small hand in directing their choices, their habits, and their GOODNESS.

Hooray for those moments when we don't have to be guilt-mongers, but beautiful daughters of God and blessed mothers!