Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Best Friend

It was 14 years ago this weekend that I married my best friend. We have grown and changed in many ways over that time, but I can say for sure that our love for each other is stronger than ever. We have been through wonderful times and trying times, but we have come out of them all as better people. We are more committed than ever to each other and to our family. Thank you, to my amazing husband, for being everything that I never knew I needed in my life!! Enjoy these photos from our special day, all those years ago! (Wow, we look young in these pictures!)

BTW, if you haven't submitted your guess, leave a comment to let me know how much you think the bills are for my eye surgery in August. Winner will be announced in a few days! :)


carolyn said...

I love your wedding photos! What a beautiful couple!! You are beautiful then and still beautiful today!! Happy Happy Happy 14th Anniversary to you and Tolan! I am so happy you both have each other!
Alohas and hugs! Carolyn

BloggerBuck said...

Hey, thanks for posting those pics. I had forgotten what Tolan's hair looked like... Just like wine or a good chees though- better with age.

cathy said...

nice photos... remembering the memories of your best days!!! God bless.