Sunday, October 31, 2010

. . . . . . Halloween Treats

The kids had the day off on Friday, so we got to start our Halloween weekend early, first with a breakfast outing to IHOP for Halloween pancakes! :) The kids had many fun adventures this weekend and all the costumes held out (some lasted longer than the kids!). Trenden was a "Pop Star", Lindi was a bubble gum machine, Casen was an Indian and Daven was a flashlight. They all chose their own costumes, then Mom was in charge of figuring out how to come up with their ideas. Ahh, all part of the job! :)

The truth is, I got all the treats! Yes, I got to help make their little dreams come true, by making them into whatever their hearts desired. Then I got to spend a fun day with them doing Halloween activities. Then I got to see the looks on their faces as they headed out the door for trick-or-treating fun. See, I was the one who really made out this Halloween! Enjoy!

 The sweetest little gumball machine you'll ever see!
 The nicest little 'injun around.
Trenden looking in total Pop Star fashion.
Getting turned "on" for the fun!

Ready to get some loot!

Heading out for a night of treats! Daven really did shine! ;)
It is no wonder this little guy is the light of my life! :)


Els Manning said...

First of all, i agree with you that Daven is a little light! When he smiles, it's the best! All the kiddo's look great! They seriously are wonderful. Glad you are doing so well... Haven't been in blog land for a while. But just got caught up... :) And you do look fabulous. So happy for you and your family.

carolyn said...

Your kids are precious! I love their costumes! Davon is the star of the night with his flashlight costume! He's a cutie! The Bumble gum machine sparks an idea for a possible next year costume! All clever and creative costumes! You are a super great MOM and have the BEST kids!!! Happy Halloween!!