Wednesday, October 13, 2010

. . . . . Confession

I have a boyfriend. His hair is short and blond, his smile is gorgeous and he is totally amazing. He literally shines with light when I look at him, and when he looks at me. His laugh makes me smile and his eyes make me want to dance. He also adores me, I can tell; he doesn't even try to hide it. He is not afraid to hold my hand in public or throw his arms around me and squeeze me tight. That is a feeling I will never be able to replace. It is a feeling of warmth, security, and love.

But alas, I know this won't last forever. One day my little boyfriend will grow up, and he will no longer be a baby. He will be a big boy, and then a man. When that happens, the cuddles and kisses will likely be less frequent, though I hope not. We will not always experience life hand in hand all day, but I hope that someday he will remember how much he is adored by this grown woman, who is totally and completely in love.


wjmom said...

My sweet cuddle-boy is now 17 years old. We don't hold hands in the store, and he doesn't sit in my lap. But just yesterday he walked up to me, put his hands on both sides of my face (so I would look UP at him) and said, "I love you, Mom. I just wanted to clear the air about that [grin]." I'm a lucky, lucky mom!

carolyn said...

Andrew is now 17 and still enjoys giving me hugs and snuggles. He still tells me how much he loves me and all the wonderful things I do for him. He melts his mommy's heart!! Enjoy every precious momemt with your little boyfriend! I agree he'll grow up in a blink of an eye and leave you wondering how the years have gone by fast!

britt said...

Oh that Daven, what a sweet boy! He looks sooo grown up. It has been way too long!!