Sunday, October 24, 2010

. . . . . Cold Outside, Warm Inside

It has been raining for 24 hours now. It is cold outside and the season seemed to change in a day. Yesterday, it seemed autumn was blazing, today it feels like winter is on the way. It is the kind of day you just want to stay inside, cuddle up with a blanket and a good movie.

I didn't stay home, though, and I am so grateful. Like every Sunday, we got everyone ready and went to church. Every meeting today seemed particularly good. Each speaker and lesson touched my heart. When the young primary children put on a program, tears filled my eyes as I heard them sing, "I know God lives, I know Christ walked on Earth with men, I know He said that we could live with Him again. We have a prophet to guide us, just as Christ did back then..." The words of this beautiful song, written by my friend and neighbor, Belinda Jackson, are so powerful. I was not the only one wiping the tears out of my eyes as 70 young children sang out this message of hope.

My 3-year old son, Daven, was on my lap as we watched the other children perform. He looked up at me and said, "Why did Jesus die for us so we can live with Him again?" Surprised and touched by the question, I told him how much Jesus loves him, how Christ wants us to find happiness and return to be with Him again someday. Content with the answer, he turned his attention back to the children's program. But my attention stayed.

Between the program and the sweet words of my young one, I felt so warm inside, filled by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, testifying that God is indeed still part of our lives today. I am so grateful that my young children also know that they are beloved children of God!


carolyn said...

Thank you for sharing your post about the Primary children and the songs they sang in their program. Looking forward to Sunday when our Primary children will give their presentation. On Sunday, I gave a lesson on the living prophets and still at beginning of class one sister remarked hearing the Primary children sing about prophets. We stopped to take a few minutes to listen to them sing. it was precious and sweet. What a magnificient blessing it is to have in our midst a living prophet who conveys the stabilizing, inspiring, edifying, and vitalizing word of God to guide and direct us in these latter days. I shared a qoute by John A. Widstoe: "The most important prophet in any age is the living prophet. The prophets who have gone before have left to us their precious teachings which will be used for the instruction and comfort of mankind. But it is the living prophet who helps us by his teachings, example, and direction to meet and to solve the problems of today, our day. To follow the living prophet, the interpreter of the past, is the essence of wisdom." Have a blessed day! Hugs

Ogden Family said...

Love kids innocents and yet great wisdom. I sent you an email, so check your junk mail again and see if it came through. (: