Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Be-Loved, Be-Friended, Be-Dazzled, and Be-Jeweled

Today I did something I haven't done in the 7+ weeks I have been home. I went through and read the blog from May 13 - June 15 (the entirety of my hospital stay). I really read it to see all the comments from each of you! Though my family read the comments to me each day as they came in, the drugs in my system at the time erased many of the memories of these days. So today I was amazed to read everything and see the true outpouring of love from everyone. I cried as I remembered the hard days and smiled when I remembered all the love, support, prayers, fasting and miracles. Whew! It has been exhausting to go through all of that again. This is something I won't do too often, I assure you, but it was an amazing journey to recall!!

Yesterday I had a couple of wonderful visits that just made my day. In the morning, I got to visit with Loni (DeFriez) Jay. She is such a dear friend and her parents (our neighbors) feel more like family to us than neighbors. They treat our kids like grandkids, having them over for food and movies all the time. We couldn't ask for more love. Loni's beautiful face and always upbeat personality a perfect way to make sure I had a great day!

Later in the day we had the chance for a real treat. Our former neighbors, Stacie (Haaser) Fiet, and her family, Lucas, Annabelle and her husband, Rich, had us come over for a fun little pool party. Stacie picked all of us up and drove us east to their new home in Shadow Valley. The kids had a fantastic time playing in the water (wish I'd had my camera!!) and Stacie and I got to visit for hours. Being a nurse, she knew all the questions to ask about my hospital stay that most people would never think of. :) I still get teary when seeing "old" friends, but Stacie wouldn't let tears last for long. She has had her fair share of "trauma" and rough times, but has kept going by telling herself "I will not let this mess me up or get me down". Because of her amazing attitude, her family has weathered many storms and has only become stronger and more amazing.

In the later hours of our talk, we shared experiences with each other that few people can relate to. I talked about first going out in public, with my eye patch on, face paralyzed, barely able to walk, etc. It was hard for me, as I realized everyone was staring and wondering "What is wrong with that lady?" Stacie, in all her craziness, said not to worry about what people think (especially in reference to the patch and paralysis), but to embrace my challenges...she suggested that I "bedazzle" my eye patches! This way, everyone would know that I am not afraid of my life, but am grateful for every moment, and am truly looking for ways to make the best of a difficult situation.

So, our art project for this afternoon was be-dazzling and be-jeweling all my eye patches! It is wonderful friends (angels) and ideas like this that make every day worthwhile, even the hard ones! Thank you Stacie for the inspiration! That evening we also enjoyed when my aunt Celia Brown came over with us and joined in our nonsense and fun! :) With Stacie around, you can't help but laugh, smile, and occasionally shake your head as you wonder "Could I really do that?" as she makes a crazy, yet wonderful suggestion for your life! Thanks for making life so fun!

Enjoy the pics that Trenden took from our be-dazzling afternoon! Much love to all!

Lindi concentrating so hard on her handiwork!

Lindi and Mom decorating the eye patches!

Casen picking just the right spot to put the sequin!

Casen showing his best pirate face!

Beautiful Lindi and her beautiful patch!

Me and Lindi in our designer be-jeweled patches!

Me in my newly "chic" eye wear!! Thanks, Stacie, for the fun project idea!


Brandon said...

I love ya jo!

I like the patches. Super fancy! we ought to do a dinner with me scott n Tami's family sometime. I think it'd be fun!

Anonymous said...

Those turned out PERFECT!!!! Now you need to go platinum! I will be your "pilot car" anytime you need! Love you, Stacie

Tami said...

Now you all know what you can be for Halloween...and all matching! Love it1

Nichole Giles said...

Okay, so bad me who has been out of the loop for a few days. But can I just say that after looking at those pictures, I'm amazed. You look fabulous! So, so, so much better and more healthy than you did a few weeks ago.

And those eye patches are "da bomb"! What a fun idea. Before you know it, you'll be gluing sequins and sticky jewels to everything you own. You won't be wearing stylin eye patches forever, you know. And a little bling makes every girls day a little bit better.

I'd give you a quote of the day, but...the list is on my poor, sad laptop who had to go in for heart surgery today. But as soon as she is up and running again, I'll resume.


wjmom said...

What a fantastic idea! (Do they sell eye patches in pink?) :)

Pam said...

I love this, love this, love this post! Thanks for including the photos because I was eager to see the eye patches in living color. Extraordinary thinking!

Kristen said...

Jodi, you look beautiful!! It's nice to see you out and about!
Love the Tuifua's

Anonymous said...

To err is human but to arrr is pirate.

Carolyn said...


What a clever and creative idea,and the patches turned out perfect! WOW! Jodi, you have come a long ways from Day 1 to now. You look radiant as ever! Your family and friends have given you strength through all those difficult days. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts and feelings and words of wisdoms. Have a wonderful day!

Lots of alohas,

Carolyn and family