Monday, August 24, 2009

Blessings and Challenges: Hearing and Headaches

This has been a very busy weekend for me and my family. Actually, it is probably just "normal" which means busy for me. It was full every minute with activities, time with friends, practices for the kids, date nights, visiting with my young women, and a fabulous dinner with my siblings whose families are here in Utah. Overall, it was great, with the highlight being my afternoon spent with my family yesterday. My siblings are wonderful (and incredibly talented and smart) and we had so much fun together. We all played Bannagrams, a high speed "version" of Scrabble. It took me a while to catch the hang of it, and when necessary, I pointed out that I am still struggling with the effects of a brain tumor, which likely contributed to me losing many rounds of the game in a row. :) Great day!

I feel blessed today because I had another little miracle yesterday. As I sat in a church meeting, watching the broadcast of a new temple dedication, I suddenly heard and felt a little "pop" in my right ear. As though a switch had been flipped, some of my hearing was restored in my right ear! It was truly a blessing! I am anxious to see if this is permanent or temporary, but right now I am enjoying the added hearing. I am still not close to full hearing in that ear, but what a wonderful blessing for now to enjoy more functioning in my ear!

The challenges continue also, as they do with all of us. The busy days last week and through the weekend proved difficult for me to handle. By Friday I had a terrible headache again (often the result of over-doing it and not getting enough rest). This headache lasted throughout the weekend, and I only had some respite when I took strong painkillers. I know this is part of the recovery process, and clearly an indication that I need to slow down, but it was still a challenge. The hardest part of all, is that today my kids started school and this "busy" schedule is going to be the norm again now. That means it will be harder for me to take the breaks and get the rest my body needs to recover. Hmm, another balancing act, I guess.

I am still learning from my challenges and blessings every day. I guess that is what really matters in the end...that we keep on keeping on!


Jackie Dillard said...

Oh Jodi...That is so exciting that you were able to get some hearing back into that ear! That must have felt and I'm sure feels great! I'm excited for you! I hope your headaches and things continue to improve. Sometimes it is that idea of our body telling us it's time to slow down, just listen to it and rest, relax, and keep feeling better! I'm so happy to hear about your ear though! That's exciting! I'm continually thinking about you and praying for you! I love ya Jodi!
Love--Jackie Dillard

Nichole Giles said...

Awesome about the hearing, and I understand about the busy schedule. Just remember a few important things:

1. It's perfectly acceptable for you to get the kids off to school and then go back to bed.

2. Your house doesn't always have to be clean, nor your laundry caught up.

3. Cold cereal does, in fact, count as a meal every so often. Or, twice a day, depending on the kids.

4. No one but you cares if you run around all day long in your pajamas, unshowered, with no makeup on and your hair not done. Get over it, and allow yourself to be a slob every so often.

If you remember those few things, I think you have a really great shot at surviving this school year. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Jodi...I am so very grateful to you for continuing to share life. I enjoy so very much seeing the pictures of your family.

Grateful for the pop and additional hearing!

Busy, bussle school year. May we all find the way to smile, breathe, relax and live simply. :)

"Very often in our anxiousness for the joys of the future we run away from the very things we are wanting and needing today. An appropriate examination of the passing moment will prove it leads to eternity. We need to constantly remind ourselves eternity is in process now."

- Marvin J. Ashton

Thanks for continuing to see the blessings in each day.

With love,

Leslie M.

carolyn said...

Aloha Jodi,

Thanks for sharing this interesting experience you heard a "little pop" in your ear, and were able to get some hearing back in that ear. I hope this is a little miracle sign of additional recovery progress. It is always good to be intune with our bodies and know when it is needed to slow down and get rest. Our family continues to pray for you and your family. Your mom looks great and getting back into the swing of things here. Sundays starting yesterday she sat up front with a friend and watched as I sign interpreted at church. I get real nervous when I know people are concentrating on what I am signing and learning to read and understand what I am signing. Later in the evening I attend a meeting, a sister shared the thoughts from one of her kids as they stil during Sacrament Meeting watching me sign interpret and tell their mom "we know she telling us something but we don't understand what she is saying." I chukkeled. Even though I know ASL I am still a generic signer as I have yet to learn the skills of becoming a fluent sign interpreter. Oh it will mind will be enlightened to know what to sign as fast as the speakers speak :)

Have a wonderful day!


Brandi said...

I'm so glad to see all the progress you've made over the last few months. Your attitude is amazing, and will truly help in the healing process. What a blessing it is to have you as a friend.

That's exciting that you have a little more hearing in your ear. I hope it continues improving as your recovery continues. I hope that your eye will improve with time and that the collagen implant will settle soon to give you some more vision back.

Now that school is back in for the kids, I'll give you a call, and maybe the girls and I could come over and bring some lunch. We could just let the kids play while we chat. :)

Take care and keep up with the great attitude.


Tami said...

Jodi I think Niki's advice was perfect for should take it!

Oh and I think you lost those games fair and square, no tumor blaming on this one. ;-)

Jason said...

Hey Jodi, I'm so happy that your ear "popped!" Isn't it kind of funny, the things that we sometimes get excited over these days? It is to me :) In all seriousness though, it never ceases to amaze me, all the miracles that happen every single day. It is a miracle that you came into my life when you did. You are a fighter, and you're absolutely meant for more great moments and blessings in this mortal life- I'm sure of it. I wish that there were words to fully describe what it feels to have been to some of the places that we, and many others, have been through our health trials. You are a miracle Jodi- and you give me strength that I wasn't even aware I had. It stinks that I learn through your suffering, but take some comfort in knowing that I know that you are serving your purpose in this life. I'm rooting for you every day, and I know how hard things can get at times, but keep at it. I'm not sure that I'm making any sense (I already warned you that I struggle with words). Thank you for allowing me to share your life with you, and know that I feel your pain. Sometimes it makes me feel better knowing that I'm not alone in my pain, because I truly feel alone at times.I guess that's the point that I'm trying to get at here- whatever pain you feel was felt by our Brother, and He will continue to give you strength and comfort. We are blessed with a perspective that many others will never feel. There's some comfort in that too, although I'm not discounting the times that stink- because man, do they stink, right?

May God continue to bless you my dear friend Jodi :)
Sorry to go off a bit there- words really don't express the love that I have for you and your family. Thank you for that also.