Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Weekend

Jodi and Tolan both quickly became "experts" on brain tumors and had Googled every option they could think of within the first few hours and days of the initial diagnosis. Both had independently arrived at a similar conclusion, and the "results" looked OK. From the signs and symptoms, there was reason for optimism and hope.

Saturday Jodi's nephew, Trent, was baptized in Orem, so the whole family gathered for the wonderful occasion. It was a good, but difficult day as everyone had a hard time keeping emotions in check. No one could quite look at each other in the eyes without tears appearing. But it was still a wonderful day.

Easter was not typical for Jodi and Tolan, but Grandma Orgill was there and together it was still a great family celebration for the Savior.

The family had a meeting with the kids to let them know what was going on, though clearly, no one had any idea what to expect for the future.

Tolan's parents were in and out over the weekend and everyone just tried to make sense of the new reality.

Thank heaven for Grandmas and Grandpas who kept things going when the craziness started to set in.

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