Thursday, April 23, 2009

Then The Miracles Started

Prayers and miracles started happening from the minute that the "news" broke. Jodi and her family have been inundated with calls, cards, flowers, good wishes, prayers and fasting from people ALL OVER THE WORLD, from Utah to Virginia to Hawaii to Hong Kong.

These people have become the angels getting them through each minute of each day. PLEASE, realize that you are angels and keep the miracles coming!!

Angels work in many ways. Some of these angels have helped Jodi's family make connections with those who might be able to help her. One such angel came through Tolan's work...someone told someone else the story. That person was friends with THE specialist at the U, and in a matter of hours, an appointment was set for Friday, with the top neuroscientist in the state. Friends are the angels that make things happen!!

In the meantime, people in everyone's networks started finding out and prayers and fasts have taken place almost daily. The family has received words that literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of people are praying for Jodi and the family. WOW! Students at BYU Hawaii, friends, family, church members, long-lost friends, and perfect strangers have joined in the efforts. Thank you to EVERYONE who has participated in any way. Even your "silent vibes" are getting through. Thank you!

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