Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Note from Jodi

Good morning, everyone. This is Jodi. I just wanted to take a minute to express my love and gratitude to all of you.

As I sit at my computer this morning, the sun is streaming through the windows. I can feel the warmth on my skin and it feels wonderful. I feel very full of love and appreciation for all the prayers, fasting, temple trips, well wishes, good thoughts, positive vibes, friendly visits, yummy meals, beautiful flowers, sweet cards, tasty treats, nice calls, friendly emails, text messages and uplifting stories.

Honestly, it is very humbling to know of the hundreds of people that are praying for me. I feel a but guilty hogging all the blessings. I know there are so many people in need of love and miracles. I wish every person could feel the outpouring of love I have felt from each of you.

This weekend I struggled as I prayed to my Heavenly Father. The words just weren't there. I didn't know what to say or how to feel about this challenge in front of me. All I could do was ask for help. I have been very limited in what I have been able to do for several weeks, as the pain and pressure in my head forced me to remain in a "laying down" position in order to feel relief. Even though my prayers were far less than adequate, all of yours have made up the difference. The last 2+ days I have felt so much better and I have actually been able to be up and functioning for periods during the day. No doubt, this is one of the miracles we have been seeking.

In just a few minutes, I will be leaving for the Huntsman Cancer Center for another test. I will get to spend the day with my father-in-law, Larry, and I am really looking forward to this time. I love Larry and cherish the few moments we spend visiting together. I felt the same way as I visited with my mother-in-law Kay last week as she helped with the kids while I rested. I would never have asked for it in this way, but the visits and calls I have had with each of you are huge blessings in my life. These are times we may not have spent with each other in other circumstances. How blessed I feel that you are each sharing your lives and time with me. Thank you.

My mom is on her way out the door with my little Daven and Casen. They are heading to the playground at the mall. My children are getting to spend time with their grandma and my whole family has been blessed and enriched by all the help, love and support. My dad constantly updates us on all the people doing so much to support us.

To Tami, my sister, thanks for staying positive, talking to me about normal stuff and being a rock in my life. To my sister, Kristi, I love you and am only now beginning to understand some of the challenges you have experienced. Perhaps now I will be more sympathetic. Thanks for listening. My sisters and mom are my best girlfriends in the world.

I want Tolan to know that he is my everything. He may not have known what he was getting into when he married me, but he becomes more amazing everyday. All my love...

Today my heart is full. Thank you to all those supporting my parents and family members. The Polynesian Cultural Center and BYUH family has been amazing in their support and love. You cannot possibly imagine how much it means to all of us. I don't know whether or not my planned Hawaii trip will happen this summer, but I hope someday soon I can thank each of you in person. (Depending on how things progress, I may have to use the "I have a brain tumor" card to get out of my non-refundable tickets...) Hopefully, miracles will continue and I will be in Laie to watch my mom and brother, Brandon, graduate from BYUH!

OK, this is already much longer than I intended. What I really wanted to say is thank you, I love you and may God bless each of you, as He has blessed me and my family.



Pehrson Gang said...

You are amazing inspiratation to us all.

Teresa said...

Jodi - it's been great to hear that you've had a couple of good days and have even been able to get out of the house and do something fun. It's hard to not be around to help out but we sure love you guys and are thinking about you constantly.
Jared & Teresa

The Hall's said...

What great news! I'm so glad that you're feeling somewhat normal again. You are truly an awesome person and no one could fight like you with whatever is coming. I'm praying that's nothing and you will be on your way to sunny Hawaii. Your boys have sure been fun, they are acting more and more like brothers. Send them my way anytime!

Love ya!

Flints Facts said...

Jodi, Once again you prove how amazing you are!!! I am glad to hear you are having some good days. Stay strong and know that I am here for you always and we continue to pray for you and you family! Love ya, Kelly

mjfrancom said...

Dear Jodi, so glad you are feeling a bit better. You are so strong, may each day bring healing and be less painful. Love and prayers to you.


Tami Callister Searle said...


It's so good to hear that you are feeling a little better. I hope you are able to continue to feel better each day. Know that we are praying for you and your family at this time. Know that our Heavenly Father loves you very much!

Love, Tami

randall ketchum said...

HI jodi
Just to let you know i pray for you AND your family.
I love YOU I hope the lord hears me

Your uncle randy