Friday, April 24, 2009


Choon James, Hawaii said...

Aloha Jodi,

The coconut wire here in the Pacific puts ATT to shame.

You and your mom share the Miss America looks!

I'm Micheal's friend's (Daniel) mom :=) We are joining your family here in praying and fasting for you and your family.

I wanted to share with you an experience that happened several years ago.

A woman whom I periodically work with in my real estate business asked for a priesthood blessing for her husband.

Now this was unusual as they were both Catholics.

The husband (quite heavy and in his 60s) had colon cancer and the doctors practically took all his digestive system out. His stomach was then connected to the esophagus. He was in bad bad shape.
It was touch and go, I was told.

When the phone call came and they explained the situation and wanted my husband Mark to give a blessing, my heart dropped.

I know they expected a miracle from the priesthood power and I was afraid that it was such a tall tall order in this circumstance. What if it was not the Lord's will? Would we destroy their faith? Would they understand?

When I called Mark at the office about the request, I told him of my apprehension about this whole thing and asked if he should accept when we didn't even know him. Perhaps he could pass this on to someone else - the missionaries?

I'm perennially full of faith but this was such a 'losing cause".

But Mark said that he would go to Queens Hospital in Honolulu since it was their request.

Guess what?

The doctors there called him their 'miracle boy'.

His situation greatly improved and he was discharged. ( I was soooo grateful and relieved!)

This experience continues to inspire me and has deepened my faith in miracles.

The Lord knows and loves each of children more than we will ever know.

Hang in there. With all our love and prayers. Choon

rek said...

Hi Jodi
My nice Cindy is a doctor at the U hospital
She will look in on you.
You are on my mind always. Its said there is always a cloud in the Paris sky but when i think of you and you're family the sun shines. I know the Lord is mindfull of you and especialy your children and Tolan
I know this a difficult time Just know You have a loving family with you always I Love YOU Keep your faith I do
IF he looks after Me I know how you must shine in his eyes. You shine In mine
With all my love Uncle Randy