Thursday, December 3, 2009

. . . . . . . . . .A Cold Wait!

It appears as though I still have several days to wait before I hear anything back about the results from my latest MRIs. I talked to Margee in Dr. Couldwell’s office yesterday and she said they haven’t received my scans yet and once they get them, they will have to put them onto their computer system before a doctor will take a look. In addition, Dr. Couldwell is out of town for 2+ weeks, so he won’t even be the one reading the scans. His partner will take a look and Margee (Dr. Couldwell’s nurse) will call me next week sometime with the results.

There is nothing like waiting to teach a little patience! 

In the meantime, my body feels like it has been hit by a truck. I’ve come down with a terrible cold. Yes, it’s just a cold, but I feel pretty lousy. No fun. I can’t seem to fight anything off this year. I know my body is in a weakened state, but I am still surprised because it was just over a month ago I had strep throat. I was hoping to avoid further illnesses this season. But, alas, tis not so. Today I hope to get some rest, perhaps with my little boys watching a show in my room while I curl up in my bed.

Yesterday, despite being sick, I was all over my 3-mile traveling radius with my 2 little boys. We went to the doctor, to the bank, to multiple stores and to pick up the kids from school. The fun part of the day was taking all the kids to a store to let them Christmas shop for each other. The logistics were tricky at times, but I think everyone managed to get a little something for their assigned sibling and I don’t think any of them saw their own gifts in the process. It was so fun to watch them pick out things for each other!

So, the wait is on. I will wait out the cold and wait for the doctor’s office to call! I have no doubt the waiting time won’t seem too long. With 4 active children keeping me busy, every day seems to fly by, so I can’t imagine the next few will be any different!

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Els Manning said...

Bummer! So sorry the cold got you good... Hey i'll bring dinner tonight. That will take that worry off fixing something. Hope you like mexican. See you in a bit! Love you girl...