Thursday, December 17, 2009

. . . . . . . . . .MRI Results!

People have been asking me for over 2 weeks now, "Have you heard the results from your MRI?" It's funny, but I haven't really been thinking about it, because I have just "felt" like everything was going to be OK.

Well, today I got the official word from Dr. Couldwell's office and I was told that everything looks good and I don't have to have another MRI for a year! That is even better than I would have anticipated! I don't have any more details than that because the information was left on my voice mail, so I wasn't able to ask questions and they didn't leave any more insider's information.

I think the feelings I've had have been a peace the Lord has blessed me with to know that I am getting better. I haven't worried about the tumor regrowing or future problems, I have just felt good about things. This peace has helped me to enjoy this beautiful CHRISTmas season without the turmoil and angst of wondering what was happening inside my head. (Thanks to my friend, Jason, whose use of the word CHRISTmas inspired me!)

Now I can put that behind me and move on with my CHRISTmas celebrations..oh yeah, did I mention I am enjoying those celebrations in Hawaii? :)

It's fun and wonderful to find warmth and love here in the Aloha state. I'm thoroughly enjoying my days on the beach and at the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC). In fact, Thursday morning at 9am, I am speaking at the PCC. My topic: Gratitude. I could talk forever about that one...I have much to be grateful for! :)


Perla said...

oh what wonderful news! i am so happy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodi,

What wonderful news! Have a very Merry Christmas in the Aloha state!

The Sacramento Fishes
Jon and Shauna

Els Manning said...

Well between your good news and Jason's it is really going to be a merry Christmas! So odd how we as people can get so worried about people we didnt really know a year ago! I am so happy for you! Enjoy the remainder of your stay...and does a body good....ha! (yip stole that one for milk...he he he)

Anonymous said...

Yea!! Have a Merry Christmas and don't eat too many chocolate mac nuts!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to put Love, Annette!

britt said...

wonderful news about the MRI!
Soak up some extra Hawaiian sun for me!! I can't hide the jealousy, cuz I am full of it. But am so glad you are having some R&R in the best place possible.