Tuesday, December 15, 2009

. . . . . . . . . . .Seeking Warmth

I love it when the sun shines and warms my skin, my body and my soul. I can literally feel the warmth engulf me, as it radiates, first touching my "outsides" then touching my "insides". As it spreads, I can rest, relax, heal and love.

There is a warmth I love more than the strength and power of the sun, and that is the warmth and peace I feel from the love of my Savior. His spirit brings me joy that fills my whole being, and bursts out from me like rays shooting out from the sun. I can feel it when I hear the truth...in song, in scripture and in testimony. It warms me and tears well up in my eyes as my soul overflows with the waters of the gospel.

My friend, new to the gospel of Christ, told me that when she goes to church, she wants to cry the whole time she is there. At my home, listening to the scriptures and testimonies of Christ, she said her whole body felt "full" and "warm" and again, she wanted to cry. That feeling, the power of overwhelming love and comfort brings warmth to my life and carries me through my dark storms.

This month, I am seeking warmth. I am leaving the cold and seeking the warmth so that it may touch my skin, my body, my heart, my soul and my spirit. Will you join me? We can leave today and journey together. :)


Jason said...

I'm totally in! How happy was I to read that you not only made it safely, but that you are getting the therapy that being with loved ones in Hawaii brings you. Seriously- I am so happy for you Jodi. Cherish the time that you have there together with the people who love you most (although there could be some strong arguments made from a lot of us out there that we love you just the same :)
Thank you for your friendship, love, and support. You are constantly in my thoughts.
Love you Jodi

wjmom said...


Els Manning said...

mmm i am so happy for you...enjoy!