Tuesday, December 8, 2009

. . . . . . . . . Meeting My Heroes!

Today was not a normal day at all, and that was good. We woke up to several inches of snow (though it wasn't supposed to hit us here in the northern part of the state!) and blizzard conditions outside. I had a last-minute appointment with Dr. Kim in Salt Lake for my eye so my father-n-law, Larry, came over at 8:30am to start the trek into town.

My wonderful, selfless, loving neighbor Cami H., took Casen and Daven for me (again!) for what would turn out to be a very long trip to the doctor's office! Larry and I were on the road for just about 2 hours (more than double our normal time). I missed my appointment time, but luckily, so did everyone else!

The news is that I have an abrasion on my cornea, which in combination with the dryness my eye experiences because I cannot blink, has caused my sensitivity to light (photophobia). Dr. Kim put me on an antibiotic ointment to help the abrasion heal, and instructe me to keep my eye covered or closed as much as possible so it can heal. He wants to see me again on Thursday, though I just don't know if that is possible with my schedule this week. He said I am not a candidate for the prosthetic contact lenses because of the paralysis not allowing my eye to blink or produce tears. The contact would literally get stuck to my dry eye and cause damage.

What took me by surprise was the emotion that came over me when I saw Dr. Kim. Each time I see the doctors who helped me through the darkest times in my life, I can't help but feel affection and gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Kim and the Moran Eye Center folks!

My favorite part of the day came just after my appointment. My dear friend Jason is in the hospital and I went to visit him as soon as I was through. The crazy thing is, Jason is one of my best friends, but we had never met, until TODAY! When I saw him and his wife, Steph, I was overcome with emotion! The hug from Steph felt like we had known each other for years. When I hugged Jason for the first time, I could not stop the tears.

Jason and Steph are two of my heroes. They have inspired me in ways that I could never have imagined. I am truly a better person because of them. The few minutes we had together were wonderful, but not enough. I look forward to having a get together again, next time with the two couples together, as friends and survivors, just talking about life! Thank you, Jason, for being you and for continuing to fight! Love you! To read Jason's amazing story, visit his blog: http://jasonslifeisgood.blogspot.com/ I bet he will change your life, too!

Larry took this picture just as I was leaving. I will cherish it forever. Steph took another picture of us hugging goodbye, but I don't have that one, so I will have to get it from her and post it later. Words cannot express the feelings and emotions I had today, for those who have cared for me and my health, and for those who inspire me to be a better person! Thank you for this extraordinary day!

Friends and Survivors! Jason Reynolds and me at the University of Utah Medical Center, my first time in a hospital room since I checked out on June 15. Wow.


Julie M said...

Hi Jodi, I haven't posted a comment since you were in the hospital (I'm a friend of your dad's from our Covey Leadership Center days) but I just wanted to let you know that you continue to inspire me and give me perspective on life. Thank you for continuing to post and letting us follow your journey...and for letting us know about Jason's as well. You are allowing us to appreciate life in a whole different way. You are continually in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oh just reading your blog made me cry! Seriously! So happy you two did meet. And the emotions that came as i said to you, have to be a recognizing each other from our lives before this one. The ones you meet here on earth (i am so sure of )that you have that instant bond with is, only because you feel the past...deep in your heart. What a way to confirm our believes... Mmmm re-reading this it sounds weird. But by lack of knowing how to write it better i'll leave it...You know what i am saying...

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