Sunday, May 9, 2010

. . . . . . .The Best Day

I am a MOTHER. This is such a blessing in my life. My children bring me so much joy. My tears are ones of love and amazement. Today I shared my day with my eldest son, who 11 years ago today, made me a mom on Mother's Day. He was so concerned with me enjoying Mother's Day that he constantly deflected the attention from himself to make sure I was having a good day.

Between the flowers I got from my Dad, the ring from my husband, and the hot pads from my children, it was a wonderful day. But no material gift in the world could compare to message my sweet Trenden gave me. He wrote this "essay" about his mom to tell others why he thinks his mom is the best. :)

"On May 9th 1999 I made my mom a mother on Mother’s Day. My mom is NOT the average mom. Of course she loves me just like any good mom should, but my mom and I experienced something that most 11 year old boys can’t relate to.

Last year my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor. And as you can imagine that year was really hard for not just my mom but me and my family as well. Four days after my 10th birthday my mom had her first surgery. After that her face was paralyzed, her hair shaved, and she lost her hearing. We went to visit her in the hospital I could not believe she was my mom. She looked so much different! I was almost scared of her, but I knew she was my mom so I hugged her anyway.

Then she had her second surgery and things got worse. She got a spinal fluid leak and every bad thing the doctor said COULD happen did. Every time we went to see my mom she looked worse and worse.

I could tell that my dad was trying not to scare us and he spent most of the time at the hospital so our grandma moved in with us. We played games and got treats, but I still couldn’t stop thinking about my mom. At school all the teachers kept asking about my mom and I just said she was feeling better.

When my mom had to have a third surgery I was starting to really worry. My family had started a blog called so that family and friends could keep track of her progress. Reading her blog we realized that people around the globe were following my mom’s progress. People my mom hadn’t seen in 12 years were following the blog. Random people would call and say Jodi we are praying for you and we hope you get better. Everywhere we went people would look at my mom and say, “Hey, are you that person on the blog?” and they would talk for hours. Throughout everything she went through she was always happy and positive and didn’t complain. She is the kind of person that makes people feel good when they talk to her.

Finally my mom then had her 4th and last surgery and I was so happy that it was almost over. Then when the doctors said my mom was good enough to be let out from the hospital we threw a surprise party for her and at least 50 people were at our house when she arrived home. And I was so happy that finally it was over. But it wasn’t really over because even now, a year later, her face is still paralyzed and one eye doesn’t work right. But to me she is more beautiful than ever and I love and appreciate her more than I did before. I have an awesome mom."
By Trenden Brown

I couldn't ask for a nicer tribute! Happy Mother's Day to all of you!


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful. What a loving tribute by your son! Happy Mother's Day!
Dorothea W.

britt said...

what an amazing kid, filled with such emotion! that was so special!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, that's amazing. You have a very smart 11 yr old. That nearly brought a tear to my eye. Sounds like you have a great kid! Happy Mother's day!

Carolyn said...

You are a blessed mom, indeed! You have a beautiful and stalwart family! What a beautiful essay Trenden wrote about you! Reading it brought tears to my eyes! What an amazing son you have! Hope your Mother's Day was beautiful! Happy Mother's Day! love, alohas, and hugs, Carolyn

Tamra said...

Uh Wow Trenden! That was awesome,maybe that little letter could help you when he isn't eating his dinners. :-)

wjmom said...

Jodi, You have written some beautiful, inspiring things. But your son just trumped them all! As one of those "total strangers" who has now followed your blog for nearly a year, I am continually grateful for your restored health and your life filled with love. Prayers are answered, for sure!

Aundrea Hill

Meli said...

Way to go Trenden, and a belated Happy mother's day to you Jodi. So grateful to you and your family for the lessons of faith and courage you are sharing with the rest of us. Aloha.