Friday, May 21, 2010

. . . . . . School Year Winding Down

I am amazed that school is almost over for the year. My elementary kids only have 4 days left and my preschooler, Casen, "graduated" today! This week Trenden was in the Math and Science Olympiad, having earned a spot for being the best fifth grader in his math "sport". What wonderful celebrations of these great kids! Enjoy the pictures!

Ah, now to await the days of summer! :)

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carolyn said...

School year ends on Tuesday. My kids are SUPER EXCITED! Congratulations on Casen's graduation from preschool, and Trendon on earning recognition for being the best fifth grader in his Math sport. We've had several celebrations between Andrew and Chelsea in the past few weeks. Andrew received ribbon awards and promotion to Staff Sargent in JROTC at KHS. Chelsea's art works received recognition and displayed at school's art show. Its been a fun school year for them, as well as for Savannah. They all made wonderful transitions to their new home, schools, and community. They are happy! Savannah will attend summer school for math and super excited about it as she gets to have breakfast and lunch at school!
Also Congratulate Lindy on a great school year, too!! Hugs, Carolyn