Wednesday, July 28, 2010

. . . . . Family Time

Recently we spent a week in Hebgan Lake, Montana, with my dear hubby's family. What a blessing that I married into a family that is so amazing. We had 25 people in one cabin and didn't have so much as a single fight, not between the kids or the adults. It was a grand adventure that I hope to remember forever. These photos ought to help accomplish that...

Tolan and his Grandpa, George Pringle. They are alike in sooo many ways, not just their looks! ;)

The sharp shooters and their target.

During the trip, we had a photographer come to the cabin and do a family photo shoot, of each individual family, and the group as a whole. They will be cherished pictures of our family in one of our favorite places on Earth.

The gang's all here! The Larry and Kay Brown family!!!
The cousins, trying so hard to hold still for "just one more" picture.

George Pringle and daughter, Georgia Kay Pringle Brown.

Larry and Kay Brown.

Me and my sweetheart. Considering the subjects she had to work with, we think the photographer did a great job. :)

Lisa and Leeland Zeller and family.
My husband's family, Lisa, Teresa, George Pringle, Kay, Larry, Mindy and Tolan Brown.

Teresa and Jared Layton's family, with newly adopted daughter, Valencia, from Haiti.

Michael and Mindy Walker and family.

Our little family in our favorite spot! A wonderful vacation with a wonderful family!


wjmom said...

I know you hate the comment (on some levels), but YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! What a wonderful family and what a fabulous memory! Here's to many more like this one!

Jason said...

Do you hate the comment that you look beautiful? Because truly my friend, you DO. Your spirit radiates something that isn't of this world....and those of us fortunate enough to witness it in its GREATNESS and GLORY are TRULY blessed. Truly Jodi :) Wait.....I'm so happy that you're traveling and having fun with your family, but when do I get to see you again? Love YOU SWEETEST JODI.....LOVE my dear friend :)