Wednesday, July 21, 2010

. . . . . . . A Man Named Robert

Yesterday I met a man named Robert. He and his sweet smile touched my life. I noticed that his left eye was blind and scarred, so I gently asked him what happened. He was burned by chemicals while working on an air conditioner 11 years ago. His eye was blinded immediately and has continued to degenerate in physical appearance since that time. After his accident, he suffered from depression, until his wife "gently" made him get up and not give up.

Then he asked what was wrong with my eye. He had also noticed me and wondered if we would be able to talk. What a blessing that we did.

Robert reminded me that we are so much more than what our bodies appear to be. We are the living representation of our souls and spirits. Our actions, not our physical appearances, make up who we Really are.

After 15 minutes of sharing stories and relating in ways that few others can, we parted ways. I put out my hand and said, "Robert, my name is Jodi, it was so nice to meet you." He wished me well and asked for a hug. Some would disapprove of hugging a "stranger", but Robert is not a stranger, just a heartfelt friend from before this life that I was privileged to finally meet again.


wjmom said...

You are a loving woman of faith. Thank you for sharing this experience.

Pam said...

Who on earth would criticize a hug under those circumstances? They must live by the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law. Simple and remarkable encounter, beautifully told. Thanks.

carolyn said...

I am glad you had an opportunity to cross paths with Robert. Reminded me of a lesson few Sundays ago.."man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh in the heart." Beautifully told and thank you for sharing.

Alohas and hugs, Carolyn

Els Manning said...

You know... you just never know...!