Saturday, July 31, 2010

. . . . . . . Tribute to Grandpa George Pringle

Last night we got the call. Our beloved Grandpa, George Pringle, passed away. He is Tolan's grandfather, but I have also adopted him as my own for the last 14 years. His life, as well as his death, were simply amazing.

Yesterday morning, Grandpa went golfing, just like he does every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He drove himself to the golf course, enjoyed his morning and came home. In the afternoon, an old friend came by for a visit. As they sat in his front room, visiting and reminiscing, Grandpa simply leaned his head back on his chair, and he was gone.

His grandson, Ryan, was only 3 miles from the house when the call came. Ryan did a U-turn and was there in moments. He left the paramedics know that Grandpa did not want to be resuscitated or put on life support. At 90 years old (last month!), having outlived 2 wives, he was ready to go. So, the paramedics took Ryan's word, as a family member, and they let Grandpa go.

What a tender mercy that the Lord allowed everything to work out in just the way it did. There was no suffering, no weeks spent in a hospital or nursing home. He played golf and had a good day, and then he was gone. He was not alone, and his grandson was able to be there in the end.

We are so happy for Grandpa and the reunion he is having now with sweet Grandma Carrie and Grandma Helen Pringle. He loved and missed them both so much. I can only imagine the tender moments they have shared over the last 20 hours.

Grandpa was one of the most faithful and righteous men I have ever met. I feel so privileged to have so many men of high caliber in my life. My whole family learned so much from him. His faith and prayers were powerful enough to change lives, mine included.

I will never forget his healing blessing for me, when I was in the hospital, literally dying. Just a few weeks ago, he and I tried together to remember the words from that special prayer. Neither of us could remember anything, but one particular line, which we both knew, almost word for word. I guess that is the one that mattered the most.

We love you Grandpa Pringle. We are so happy for you. Please tell the Grandmas how much we love and miss them, too. We look forward to seeing you again and having a joyous family reunion. But not yet.

All of these photos were taken just a few weeks ago, on Grandpa's last visit to Utah and the cabin in Montana. What a blessing we got to spend so much time with him!


Leslie said...

Thanks for the great post about Grandpa Pringle and the wonderful pictures of him while he was there in Utah with you! We are looking forward to seeing you next week!

britt said...

what a peaceful ending to a wonderful life!

carolyn said...

We extend our condolescences to Tolan and family. What a wonderful tribute you wrote about Grandpa Pringle. He lived life to the fullest! He is having a wonderful reunion in Heaven! Thank you for sharing. Aloha and hugs, Carolyn

Els Manning said...

So jealous...That would so be the way to go! I am sure the ones left behind feel the pain of loss. But knowing what we's part of the plan. Our condolences to your family... And thank you for sharing! Such a private and personal story.