Monday, August 2, 2010

. . . . . . . . A Long Road Ahead

Flexibility is a key to managing life and enjoying the journey. Our plans all changed after we learned of Grandpa's passing on Friday. Now we are on a different path than we expected. Instead of flying to California today, we are on the road, driving, to allow us more flexibility to accommodate for the funeral and my post-operative doctor's appointments. I am still planning to have surgery on Wednesday, with my pre-ops all day tomorrow.

Therefore, the road ahead is literally a long one. After a great stay in St. George last night with our friends, we are on the road again, with 6 more hours to go. The long hot Nevada desert is ahead of us. Thank heavens we live in a day of air conditioning...oh, and wireless computer connections.

Tolan's family will all be converging in La Habra within a few days. It will be another family reunion, full of love, hugs, laughter and some tears.

Oh, one little miracle happened yesterday! As we were descending into St. George, my ear "popped" for the first time in almost 15 months! I have no idea (medically) how this happened, since my eustation tube is sealed, but it did and I am now able to pressurize a little bit! That means not as much pressure or as severe headaches upon changing elevations! Wow. I continue to feel blessed that the Lord is still healing me, one day at a time!

Here's to safe travels ahead!


Brandi said...

Jodi, we wish you the best with your upcoming surgery this week. I pray that this is the answer to helping your eye and making your life just a little easier. Good luck with everything. So sorry to hear about Tolan's (and your) grandpa. My grandma also passed away this week, so we are going through a little of the same. I'm sure that your grandpa will be watching over you throughout your continued journey.

Love you,

Greek Goddess said...

I'm sorry to hear about Tolan's grandpa. I hope you have a good trip down to our neck of the woods. I just discovered something through facebook: I'm in Tawny's ward! What a small world.
I hope your surgery goes well. I would love to meet you some day if the opportunity ever presents itself. You'll be in my prayers.


carolyn said...

Jodi, Good Luck with your upcoming surgery this week. We pray everything will go well as planned and for a speedy recovery post surgery. You are in our prayers. Travel safely to California! What a wonderful little 'miracle' about your ear popped! You are blessed and the Lord is still healing you. Aloha, hugs, and prayers, Carolyn

wjmom said...

You have been in my prayers consistently. I hope everything associated with surgery and this trip goes smoothly and beautifully.

I am amazed by the ear-popping thing. God's miracle continue to attend you. They may be small, but they are miraculous nonetheless.

Debbie said...

Exciting that your ear popped! Hopefully nothing but progress, progress, progress for your future!! Hope your surgery tomorrow goes well and is a huge step to you getting back to doing all the things you love and look forward to. Wish we could help. Know we love you and pray everything goes smoothly.