Thursday, August 5, 2010

Post Op Checkup

Well Jodi had a full day, going to grandpas funeral this morning and then off to her post op check. The funeral was very nice and felt like a good closure to saying goodbye.

She said she felt pretty good when she got up this morning, there was less bruising and swelling than she or the doctors expected. (Saying that, she still has a good shiner) :-) The doctors said she looked "great!" She has some stiches that need to be removed, some of which Tolan can take out. The others she will need to go into an eye doctor in 10 days for the removal of.

I talked to Jodi earlier and she said last night when she was going to bed that she could blink, it was very emotional for her, she then said a prayer of thanks for this gift. (Not being able to blink for 15 months would sure be annoying.) Everytime I am with Jodi I am amazed at how well she has handled this frustration, even though you can tell it is a huge inconvience. Hooray for a working eyelid! :-)

Now she is anxious to get home, we aren't sure if she will make the drive with Tolan or fly home....

Thanks again for all the prayers!


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Els Manning said...

Happy! That is good news. Congratulations!!!
Glad it went well.
And also glad they could attend the funeral of a good man. And thanks for the updates!