Wednesday, August 25, 2010

. . . . . School Days

Walking out the door, sun in my eyes, I can hardly see them as they go...
Once so little, now independent and half grown, as off to school they go.
The smell of new shoes and sharpened pencil leads fills the air
And I see the crisp bright shirts and perfectly combed hair.
With sadness and joy I watch them start a new learning year once more
Knowing my "little ones" become big as they walk through the school door.
Off on their own to face the world, I hope and pray I have taught them right
So they can stand tall and brave, kind, faithful and always full of God's might.

Happy First Day of School! Love, Jodi


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britt said...

they look so sharp and grown up. Has Casen started yet? Our school has Kindergarten testing this week and start next week. Is he going morning or afternoon?
we really need a LONG chat and catch up soon. Maybe after we get back from our trip.
love ya