Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surgery Update From Jodi's View

Right now I am on the phone with my dad who just got off the phone with Jodi, so here is an update from Jodi through my dad, then through me. :-)

Here is what he is telling me that Jodi wants to share with everyone:

-The surgery lasted about 5 1/2 hours
-The doctor feels like it went well
-It took Jodi longer to come out of the anesthesia than they had expected, she was still feeling the effects of it 11 hours later
-As a part of the surgical process they had her blinking to test the spring, and she was actually able to blink a number of times, she was so excited that she could blink for the first time in over a year that she wanted to give the doctor a hug and wanted to cry, but couldn't cry because that eye won't cry :-)
-They did an eyebrow lift in order to make her eyebrow even with the her left side and inserted a prosthetic to hold it in place that will dissolve over time
-She is on several medications, including a pain killer, a steroid to help keep the swelling down and an antibiotic to keep off any infection
-Right now the eyelid is swollen so she can only open the eyelid a little, and around the eye it is pretty black and blue (she is expecting to be more black and blue tomorrow and in a larger area because of the lift that was also done) she has been keeping ice packs on it
-They didn't cover her eye up with a patch because it will heal faster if it is exposed to the natural air
-The plan is to try and get some sleep tonight so she can go to Grandpas funeral tomorrow and go to her post op exam in the afternoon

Yesterday they did some testing on how much moisture her eyes produce, her right eye only produced 20% of what it should. The surgery she had today won't correct that problem..the doctor is having her wear a contact to help keep moisture in for a month or longer.

Jodi wants to thank everyone again for the thoughts and prayers, she along with all of us knows they make a huge difference and are felt everyday.

So hopefully Jodi comes home black and blue and swollen like she has been in a good fight, but can BLINK! :-) It makes me cry and smile to think of her being able to do what seems like such a small thing for the rest of us again! Love you Jo!


(She also wanted me to make sure and include that if any of you have any more prayers left in you that I would appreciate any prayers on behalf of my little baby Kurt. He is going in for a cat scan in the morning to see how the tumor in his lungs is affecting his little body. Thank you, thank you!)


Els Manning said...

So good to hear it went well.. hope it's all she needs for now! Such a long road. And prayers coming for your family too! Thanks for the update~

wjmom said...

Loves, loves, and more loves! (Also prayers for all! :) )

Belinda said...

Wonderful to hear - and of course we'll keep the prayers coming for Jodi. Baby Kurt will get all the help he needs - we've seen sooo many miracles!!! All of the prayers will help!! We wish you all the best Tami. x

Carolyn said...

Wonderful to hear that Jodi's surgery went well. We've been thinking about her all day today. We'll continue to pray for her and baby Kurt. Tami, thank you for the updates. alohas and hugs, Carolyn

Emily said...

Glad to hear things have gone well so far, good luck with the recovery, and prayers for you and Tamra!

Tami Callister Searle said...

so good to hear that things went well and she is doing great! More prayers will be sent your way for little baby Kurt.

Anonymous said...

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