Friday, July 16, 2010

. . . . . . Setting a Surgery Date

Yesterday I went to my occuplastic surgeon (a fancy name for my opthamologist who does specialty surgery) for a consultation before scheduling the eye "spring" surgery in California. Here are the results of that appointment:

* My right eye continues to have decreased vision due to complications from the paralysis. It is getting slightly better, but still nowhere near the vision of my left eye.

* I have several small scratches and dry spots on my cornea. All of these should be able to be repaired once I can blink again.

* The ONLY option I have left if I want to blink (unless or until my blinking ability returns on its own) is to have the eyelid spring surgery. There are no other options.

* Dr. Kim (Moran Eye Center) said to be skeptical and ask lots of questions prior to the procedure, including:

1. Will the material used for the spring have any reactions in the body?
2. How long will the spring last? Will I have to have a replacement spring/surgery in the future?
3. Is extrusion a possibility (the spring pokes through the skin)?
4. What is the recovery like? How long will I be "down"?
5. How much swelling will take place?
6. Will I have to go back to CA for appointments, check ups or "tune ups"?
7. What are the possible side effects?

These are all good questions, some of which I have already asked. The surgery itself is pretty brutal (about 7 hours long, you have to be awake much of the time). Once I have all the rest of the questions answered, we're setting a date!

We are looking at the first or second week in August, so I can be finished and functioning again before the kids start school. So much to do between now and then!


wjmom said...

Prayers, prayers, prayers! Good luck, and thanks for letting us know what's happening.

britt said...

that is a lot to consider. But you are so smart and in-tune with your decision making, I have no doubt you will make the right one!! Keep us posted on your decisions and what kind of help you need!
love you

Nichole Giles said...

Good luck, Jodi. Your continuing bravery is inspiring.

Amy Wicks said...

You're in my thoughts Jodi. Where in California are you having the surgery? I may have some help for you.

carolyn said...

I didn't realize you are considering additional eye surgery. You are right to aske every questions as it is a huge decision making. You will make the right decision that is best for you. The Lord will guide you every step of the way. Prayers for you and your family. Thank you for sharing. Alohas and hugs, Carolyn

Eyelid Surgery said...

all the best,let us know what is happening.