Sunday, July 25, 2010

. . . . . . Transformation Fun

I discovered a wonderful place a few months ago, Di-Vine Consignment, a darling new shop just a mile from my house. I went in and instantly became friends with Raven, the store's owner. She takes old junk and transforms it into beautiful pieces of furniture. This week I saw a bench she is working on that used to be a bed headboard. She is truly genious!

Searching for a new chair for my living room, I cam across some old dining chairs and fell in love. Though I had just one chair in mind, the set called to me, so I purchased the second after I got the first one home. :)

I was going to strip and stain the pair, but something about the handmade look of the carvings and the color made me decide to leave the finish just as it is. All I did was recover the cushions, adding a 3 inch memory foam seat for a nice soft place to sit and striped fabric to tie in the room with my kitchen. Voila. Simple, not quite as easy as I had planned, but easy enough. Another transformation project, complete!

My newly refinished chairs, cleaned up, polished, and with new seats and fabric!

I also have another transformation project that took a while longer to complete. I love to garden, I get great satisfaction out of growing things. I wanted a bigger garden space (I used to have three 4ft. square garden boxes) so I decided to tear out the grass and create a much larger garden space. My dear hubby's engineering design skills took over and he designed and built me a whole new garden space!

My new space has two rows, each 3 feet wide, with walking spaces in between (cushioned with rubber mulch), then two rows, each 2 feet wide, for smaller plants and vine growers. Can't wait to eat the fruits of our labors!

It took much longer to complete than we thought, so it won't be full this year, but next year, my garden will surely be blossoming with home grown goodness!


carolyn said...

I am impressed! You are good with transformation projects! Looks easy to redo the chairs. I love your garden! My granpa was an avid gardner. I remember his small garden he tended and grew wonderful veggies. He even made a place to grow strawberries in the garden. I would help him ocassionally tend the strawberries. Oh, the good ole days! Thanks for sharing! Alohas and hugs, Carolyn

britt said...

WOW is all I can say! how do you find the time? your garden LOOKS fabulous, as do the chairs!!