Friday, January 22, 2010

. . . . . . . . .Friends and Freedoms

The house is straightened (mostly), the kids are excited and everyone is counting down the minutes. We anxiously wait and peer out the window until at last we can see it! Their car is here, our friends have arrived! The last 2 days I have had wonderful visits from dear friends of mine. We have caught up on life, let the children run around and play, but mostly we have just visited and strengthened friendships that are already strong enough to stand the test of time.

Visits from Emily S. and Brittany H. have just made my week. :) Life is even better when you share it with people you love! Friends like these made me get through the hard times with my tumor and I love them even more now!

Something very exciting is also happening for our family this week. Last night, the newest member of the extended Brown family arrived, literally arrived, by airplane. Tolan's sister and brother-in-law, Teresa and Jared, finally have their adopted daughter, Valencia, from Haiti. They have been in the process of adopting her for 2+ years, and as a result of the earthquake, the process was actually sped up and she arrived in Miami last night.

When little 5-year-old Valencia arrived last night, she had nothing but the clothes she was wearing. Many orphans from her orphanage were flown by helicopter to the airport in Port Au Prince, then flown by plane to Miami, where all the families were gathered to meet them.

Even amidst disasters, miracles still happen! The transition will be hard, I am sure. Valencia doesn't speak English, but she is here, in the United States. She will have food, friends and most of all FREEDOMS she would never have in Haiti. We are tearful and grateful she is finally here!


britt said...

we sooo enjoyed our visit with you as well!! NOthing like time to just talk and play with your best friends :)
And what a sweet moment for your family. I wish them all the best in this new adventure in their lives!

Perla said...

oh hurray hurray hurray! i pray that valencia transitions well and quickly into her new family!

Carolyn said...

What joyous news! I hope and pray Valencia adjusts to her new family and home. She has got the bestest family ever!! I am so happy for Tolan's sister and brother in law in their adoption process. Enjoy your bonding time with friends and strengthening friendships! Have a GREAT weekend!!

Aloha and Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hurray for Valencia!! What wonderful news for your family and for her.

Nichole Giles said...

Congrats to the new family addition. So sad about the earthquake, but you're right, there is always something good to find in a disaster.

Fun that you got to spend time with your friends. =) That's one of those things that makes life good.