Saturday, January 9, 2010

. . . . . . . Thinking Before I Speak

Tomorrow Tolan and I are speaking at Church. The topic: MIRACLES. :) (The meeting is at 12:45pm at the LDS church on 3900 S Parker Dr in Riverdale if you'd like to come!)

It is funny because this should be a very "easy" topic for me to speak on. I have experienced so many miracles in the last year, I should be an expert on the topic! But I have been thinking about this speaking assignment for 4 weeks now, yet my remarks are not yet solidified. Tolan's talk is prepared, mine is still in progress.

With so many miracles in our lives, I wonder how we could possibly be so blessed. I often don't feel deserving of so much love. I keep trying, but I keep falling short. I guess that is the beauty of the Plan of Happiness given to us by our loving Savior. No matter how many times we fall short, He is still waiting to bless us for the things we do right. Glass half full, right? :) Perhaps that is the key to it all, miracles included. We may never be "worthy" of all the blessings and miracles, but He blesses us just for trying hard and making the effort.

Thank you all for being part of the miracles in my life!


Els Manning said...

good luck...i don't envy you . But i am so sure you will do a great job. You are so good with words. And you have such a beautiful spirit, and testimony. And with the help you will continue to get from will be amazing. We'll be there tomorrow. Front and center! lOve you girl!

britt said...

you did an AMAZING job on your talk. I was soooo glad I came. you continue to inspire and be an incredible example to me!!!
lets get together real soon!