Sunday, January 10, 2010

. . . . . . . Healing and Hearing

Today I returned to my church for the first time in 5 weeks, having been in Hawaii for the last 4 Sundays. It was so wondeful to see my friends and neighbors and to exchange heartfelt, warm hugs. I was grateful for the warm hugs since it is so cold here now!

I heard over and over again today how much it appears I have improved over the last month. Numerous friends said my mouth looks "straighter" (less droopy from the paralysis) and my eye looks better. I mentioned that the Aloha state did wonders for my healing, and this is just what I meant. I feel like I made 3-4 months of healing progress in 24 days. I can even see the difference in my mouth. It looks so much better. When I speak, the paralysis is still evident, but when I am just still, it looks much improved.

The Hawaiian air was also good for my eye. When you can't blink, your eye dries out so quickly, but in Hawaii, the humidity was heaven sent for my eye. Even when the wind blew, my eye was not as irritated. Sadly, it isn't as good here in the cold Utah inversion air, but I know I made a ton of progress.

Thank you, to the many people who noticed and made comments to me or Tolan. I am so grateful to know that you care enough to notice!

As I mentioned yesterday, Tolan and I spoke today in church. We prepared separately and didn't hear the talks until they were given, though we did make sure we weren't going to go over the same material. I feel like it went very well. There are so many lessons we have learned over the last year, it was impossible to condense into two 20 minute talks, so we just talked on a few important things and kept it focused.

For me, the best part about speaking is that once again, I was able to hear and feel the Spirit of God whisper to me as I prepared my talk and as I spoke. It was through that powerful yet subtle voice that I was able to select the appropriate stories to share. I cannot yet talk about all of my experiences without crying, but some of my tears were because I could feel the Spirit strengthen me and touch my heart. I felt the warmth of the gospel of Jesus Christ engulf me again.

It was interesting for me to hear Tolan speak on the topic. This was such a hard year, we tend not to talk about it or focus on it at home. We lived it, we barely survived it, so we just don't dwell on it. We focus on my progress, not the past. Listening to his words was comforting. I realized, yet again, how blessed I am to have him as my eternal companion. After we got home and talked about "how it went" he looked and me and said, "We really do make a great team." Yes, honey, we do.

I was also touched and delighted to see some of my friends come to church today to support me and hear me speak. When Brittany, Kelly and Robin showed up, I was nearly in tears. Your love and support is amazing! Thank you! And to all my neighborhood and ward members, you truly are angels!

My love to all!


Anonymous said...

Jodi - Glad you made it home safe and sound. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. So nice that you could go get in the humidity and climate of Hawaii and have a chance to recuperate a little after the intense year you have all had. Love you. See you soon

Anonymous said...

You both did an amazing job. We were very touched to hear your sweet story of miracles. You are such an example of endurance and bravery Jodi. We love you. Annette

Anonymous said...


Sorry I wasn't there - I didn't know that you were speaking. I'm sooo glad it went so well.
You are inspiring.
Well done with the progress!
Love B x

Anonymous said...

You and Tolan did a fantastic job with your talks. You do make a good team. I also thought you looked absolutely beautiful and your parallasys has improved immesurably was exactly what I was thinking as you gave your talk. It really hasn't been that long.....I know to you it's probably been an eternity.....but, as far as the healing process goes it seems that everything is slowly but surely getting back to normal. I imagine this summer last year will big a distant memory and all will be healed with a big bag of miracles to walk away with. Your an amazing example to all who know you.

Love Nancy

Carolyn said...

I am glad you and your family arrived home safe and sound. I am catching up on your blog. It was GREAT to have you and your family here in Hawaii. You were able to recuperate in warmer climate and enjoy the sun, sand, warmth and beauty of Hawaii and the Aloha Spirit which is so evident here. Savannah misses playing with Lindi, Casen, and Daven (we miss that little Davy Jones full of spunk and life in him!!) that she got upset couldn't understand why we couldn't move to Utah and ontop of that be able to play in the snow all day long making snow angels. BRRRR for sure! You are a wonderful speaker and spirit is always with you. I am grateful to have gotten to meet and know you. You are a shining example of your love and testimony of the Savior and it radiates to all around you! You have a GREAT family!!!

Have a wonderful day!!
hugs and love,
Carolyn & family

Anonymous said...

Dear Jodi,
It was our honor to meet you and your beautiful children in Laie when you came to the office here. Your courage and attitude are inspiring. Especially we enjoyed your sweet message at the PCC Christmas Team Meeting which you topped off with your humor to offer the 10 top Gr'attitude reasons for a brain tumor. You radiate a spirit that filled me with awe and reverence in your doubt because of your miraculous journey as our Savior walked with you. You are a beautiful girl Jodi, inside and out, eye patch and all. May our Father in Heaven continue to bless you, strengthen you, and heal you. Know that we are still in on your fight for your full recovery.