Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day

After a talk with my dad the other day, I've given a lot of thought to the word independence and the new meaning it suddenly has for me. How grateful I am for the indepedence of our country. I live by an Air Force base and I feel blessed and very patriotic every time I see (or hear) the F-16, F-22 or A-10 jets go by. I am grateful for the many blessings of living in this free country.

Now independence is also something I strive for personally...looking forward to that time when my body will be like my country, free and able to do what I want to do. :) I am getting better everyday, so I continue to hope and pray that my independence day will be soon.

I was blessed to feel well enough to go to church for a short time today. What a blessing to see so many beloved faces! I was totally worn out, but it was worth it. Afterall, I still feel like it is all of YOU, including my many friends at church who helped me get through these last few months. Thanks again.

So, Happy Independence Day (weekend) to everyone...let's all be grateful for our blessings and ALL the freedoms we enjoy, both big and small.


Anonymous said...

Well said girlfriend!!!! May your "Independance Day" come very soon!!! And with Independance Day also comes Hero's!!! And YOU are MY Hero!!! Looking forward to our visit on Tuesday!!! God Bless!!! Cindy Taylor

britt said...

WIsh I could have been there today to see you. What a big step and I sure it was great to see all those that you love and hold so dear! Way to go and great words of appreciation, and a great reminder of all the freedoms we truly do enjoy!

Anonymous said...

You brighten our world. Love always, Wendy and Lisa

wjmom said...