Friday, July 17, 2009

Prayers of Thanksgiving, Sympathy and Love

There are so many thoughts going through my mind right now, but I will try not to let all of them filter onto the blog so this doesn't end up being too long. A few updates:

* Tolan is doing well with his recovery. I got to see him today and we took lunch over to him. He was grateful for the yummy Maddox meal. :) His knee is quite swollen, but he is being faithful with keeping it elevated and iced. They changed the bandages this morning and it was very bloody (a bit gross, I heard) and it is still bleeding, but the bleeding has slowed. The "ice" machine is pretty neat. It looks like a beverage cooler, but it has a two-way tube that allows the warm water to flow out of the knee wrap and back into the cooler, and the cold, ice water to flow into the wrap. Pretty fancy. We are going back to visit Tolan this evening and I will get some pics of him to post this weekend. I thought he was pretty coherent after the surgery yesterday, but I guess he wasn't as awake as I thought, since he doesn't remember even talking to me on the phone! :) Thanks again for all the prayers and love.

* We are trying to do "normal" things every day and fun things with the family so we can all feel like we have had a summer (even though I missed all of spring and much of summer). So, we continue to picnic (with friends and family -- see pics!), go for drives, play outside and go on short walks. With my sister in town, my other family members came for a visit and we set up our waterslide and let the kids fun I think this re-integration into life is good for me, but it is still hard to get it just right every day. We had a nice time with my sister, Kristi, in town from Hawaii. We don't see each other very often and being separated during such family crises can be hard. I have now had the chance to see all my siblings except my brother Michael. Hopefully I can give him a big hug sometime in the coming months (preferably in Hawaii!!). More props to my mom, who continues to be amazing at our home. I walked in the living room to find she and Daven had created a giant fort out of chairs and blankets. Daven was inside squealing with delight and playing with his Grandma. Simply amazing!

Grandma Orgill and Daven's fort in the living room!

Daven inside his fort (with his "dino" and blanket)!!

Kristi, Mom and I during Kristi's visit here from Hawaii. (This is my most "normal" smile yet! Getting less crooked every day!)

Kristi, Christa and I in front of my house. Christa is a forever friend that we have known since our earliest days in Virginia!

Picnic in the mountains with Kristi, Mom, Tolan and Russ Miller (neighborhood friend).

Two more important things I wanted to share:

* Last night, Tom Dee, (Thomas D. Dee II) passed away. For those of you who know him, you will understand why I am saddened by this event. The Dee family has a long history in Northern Utah (ie, the Dee Hospital and McKay-Dee Hospital) and Tom and his family are some of the most truly generous, kind, and wonderful people I have ever met. His son Tim is someone I have learned so much from and consider a cherished friend. My sympathies and love to all the Dee family. I hope some day to become like they are. They have touched so many lives through their generosity and philanthropy in Northern Utah. Mr. Dee, I will miss you.

* Tolan's uncle, Bill Merx, is in the hospital again. He is having internal bleeding that the docs are having a hard time controlling. Because of previous heart problems, there are limitations on what they can do for him and what medications he can take. Please join us in prayer for Bill and his family. Multiple hospital stays can be very discouraging... pray for positive vibes, good solutions and no more bleeding! Much love and faith to Bill who is enduring this continued trial.

Love to all of you. Thanks for caring, sharing, loving and praying!


Nichole Giles said...

It's good to hear Tolan is doing well after his surgery. That must be encouraging--especially with everything else your family has had to deal with this past few months.

And can I just say, Jodi, you look fabulous! I was truly surprised at how much better you look--more healthy, by a long shot. Keep up the excellent road to recovery. You'll be better than before in no time. Well, okay, some time, but...eventually. =)

Quote of the day:
“Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.” ~ Samuel Johnson

Flints Facts said...

Jodi, YOU AMAZE ME!!! Thanks again for being such a great example to me!! I love you and pray for you and Tolan to continue to recover strong!!!

Lots of love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about Tolan...It's good to hear he is doing good. I am amazed at the high spirtits your family is in with everything that has happened. PLease let me know what I can do to help..

Becca said...

It's so nice to see these photos of you with your mom, Christa, and Kristi. You are all amazing in my book! (Tami too of course)