Thursday, July 16, 2009

Successful Surgery

Quick update to say thanks for all the prayers for Tolan! He had surgery this morning for what we thought was a torn miniscus in his right knee. It turns out, it was torn cartilage, severe enough that it was "catching" on his bones every time he walked up and down the stairs, exercised, etc. The good news is they were able to cut out the bad sections and "smooth" out the rest, so after his recovery period, he should be just fine.

He was a little groggy after surgery, but amazingly coherent. He is even better now, resting peacefully at his parents' house, with his leg propped up on 4 pillows as he reclines on the couch!

Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes. We are so dependent on Tolan right now, we are grateful that his surgery went well and anticipate the same for his recovery. Love to all!!


britt said...

good to hear. Sounds so simple compared to yours! Anything I can do to help you guys out?? I called you on tuesday, I was in Riverdale-Ame had a bday party. Sad I missed you! But good to hear all is well (as can be)

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend!!!! Have been following your glad to hear that Tolan is doing well!!! Thank goodness for parents!!!! Right!!!! Am still struggling to get over the loss of my dear friend, but reading your blog gives me hope and confirmation that there is a God!!!Jodi and family, god bless all of you!!! Much love!!! Cindy Taylor

Pam said...

Good news, Jodi. Thanks for always following up when there is a piece of the story that needs closure. Tolan will be fine fast is my guess. It's an easy surgery, at least compared to all of yours!

Martin Merx said...

It's been a rough time for the family! My dad's back in the hospital and i'm considering surgery for my shoulder.

mmm... i can't wait till some rich person gets to pay for my healthcare.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the picture of you and Tolan dancing! Pain free, dizzy/headache free would be fun - what might be more fun, however, is simply choosing to dance and ignore everything else. :)

I'm not into dancing unless it is proving to the body - I'm ok even if it's not ok!

So much of my life I have anticipated complete happiness and dancing as soon as...

I've missed alot of dancing in life and it's my fault. Yikes! I shall put myself in time out when I get to heaven simply in seeing what I missed waiting for God to make everything all better here on earth. I am speaking about my life right now - not yours!

When I was 'enduring' a back injury, I stopped. I was waiting to feel better and then I was going to focus and engage in life. As I waited, I began imagining never physically healing - what if this is as good as it gets? I realized I was doing what I normally do - waiting for God to make things better and then I would...

I want to master seizing whatever is...

While YOU are frustrated at times with the body, I read from you that you remain engaged, learning, trying, blessing, recognizing blessings, expressing gratitude, feeling gratitude and continuing to be engaged and focused in life and tuned to God for further understanding and direction.

You light LIFE and make this world a better place.


Leslie M.

Happy recovery to Tolan. Hope his forced rest refuels!