Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking a Sick Day

Our family has been battling a bit of illness on and off for the last several days. Two of the kids got sick on our vacation to Montana last week, and the rest of us hoped to avoid it...but I started feeling sick on Wednesday evening and was very sick all morning yesterday with horrible cramping in my stomach and generally feeling lousy. A sweet friend and neighbor, Kathy Wade, came to my rescue later in the morning and brought over some OTC medicine to help relieve an upset stomach. That provided some much needed relief and I was able to at least function the rest of the day.

Yesterday while I was under the weather, Lindi and Casen had a playdate at a friend's house and their mom, Shannon Cox, was an angel and picked up a load of laundry to do while the kids played. I still can't get over all the angels and love that surrounds us each day! Thank you!

Wednesday afternoon (before the sickness set in), the kids and I all piled in my Cami Sanders' van and went to Morgan to go swimming. It was one of the first real summer activities I have been able to do with the kids, so it was great! Everyone had a blast. A big thanks to the Sanders for letting us invade! :)

Last night one of my Young Women from church came over to visit and we stayed outside for more than 2 hours, just talking. I can't wait to start getting involved with the YW again. They are great girls and great examples to me! Luv ya, Brittnie!

Today I am feeling better, so we are planning to go camping tonight for a church activity. We are all counting on it being a great adventure with lots of fun! I am sure it will all work out!

Great weekend fun to all. And, as always, much love for the continued love and support!

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Diane said...

Thanks for continuing to update your blog. We're always praying for recovery and good health for all of your family.