Monday, July 6, 2009

"Lucky" to Be Alive, minor side effects & fireflies

Today was yet another doctor's appointment...but this time, it wasn't for me! We had to take Trenden in and I saw his doctor for the first time since before my big "adventure". When he saw me, he immediately asked what had happened, if maybe I had gotten Bells Palsy or something. When I told him a very brief version of the story, he looked right at me and said, "You're lucky to be alive!" I have been thinking about that all evening. I've decided he is wrong. I am not lucky, I am life was always in God's hands and I am blessed to know that He allowed me to stay here to be with my family and loved ones. :) Thanks again for the many prayers that are still being offered for us, they are still making a difference each day.

I did find out a few things today that are minor side effects from all my surgeries and complications. While at the doctor for Trenden, the dermatologist told me that there is a 50/50 chance that I may lose my hair in the coming weeks and/or months, due to the trauma and stress my body has been through. (Anyone who has been pregnant/had a baby knows that this can happen on a small or large scale with body and hormonal changes, too.) I am not too worried about this, but if it does happen, I think I will use it as an opportunity to try out a few new hair styles (wigs). :)

Another side effect is one that has already happened. My skin has been breaking out in horrible acne "rashes" all over my face and neck. The doctor told me this is because of the damage to my nerves from the craniotomies, causing my body to "forget" how to regulate the production of hormones, oils, etc. Interesting. Had no idea the nerves would be related to this condition, I thought it was just stress. So, he gave me some things to try and said they can also do laser treatments that are effective in managing nerve-damage related skin issues. Good to know. Hopefully my "sample" products will help!

Tonight we did something totally "normal" as a family and went to Baskin Robbins and got ice cream, then went to Weber State and fed the ducks at the duck pond. My mom had never seen the campus, so we took a little time and walked around. I walked around the campus...such a "small" thing that is really not small at all. I am getting stronger every day and again, I realize that I am blessed for each "miracle" that happens in my life every day.

Friends and loved ones continue to show support and we are so grateful. A really fun "package" arrived in the mail over the was a 2-liter bottle filled with fireflies! Tolan's sisters (Mindy and Lisa and their families) live in Indiana and are lucky enough to have these fun little bugs around. So, they decided they would share the joy and they sent some to us for the 4th of July. My kids were amazed and a few of the fireflie have even stuck around, as we saw one last night in the front yard. What a fun and creative way to share some fun!

My love and thanks to all for your continued support. :)


Nichole Giles said...

I have to say it, "Isn't it nice to have a condition that's treatable with products instead of surgery?" Not that it's any fun, but hey, all things considered, it's pretty minor.

I'm really glad to hear you're making progress.


Quote of the day:

“There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.”
~ Booker T. Washington quotes

Els Manning said...

so happy to hear you are doing better.. mmmm baskin robbins, their pralines and cream is my all time favorite! Keep up the good work girl!

britt said...

good to hear you are having continued progress! Hope you continue to gain needed strength, both physically, spiritually and mentally.
What a fun idea with the fire flies. I remember those from living on PA. I bet your kids thought that was pretty cool!
as always, thinking of you often :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! It has been forever since I have checked up on you. I must be on the same wave length as my beautiful daughter. It is really great to hear that you are still making progress. Every small thing is still one step closer!Ice cream is always a great cure everything! Just know that you are still in our thoughts and prayers! We love you and your family.

We will keep checking in
Have a great week!
Deanne,Steve &family

Diane said...

Jodi, I have to tell you about my Nathan on Sunday. He went out with the deacons to collect fast offerings and came home hot and THIRSTY. He told me how thirsty he was, and I told him it would be okay if he took a little drink of water. He said, "Mom, I am NOT going to break my fast. I am fasting for Jodi." What a sweetheart. I was so proud of him!

Thank you for having a blog. Please keep the updates coming. I love to hear about your progress, big or small. Love you much!

Anonymous said...

Progress is wonderful. I am so happy for you. Keep on keep'n on.