Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Age of Enlightenment

Yesterday we returned from another quick trip to Hebgan Lake, Montana. In case you didn't catch it, this was our 3rd trip in 7 weeks. Clearly, I am trying to get my summer back, after spending the first half of the summer in the hospital and in bed! As usual, it was a wonderful time, truly one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

As I was sitting on the dock, overlooking the lake, and reading a book called, "The China Study", I had an epiphany of sorts. I read the book and knew I needed to make some changes in my life (in this case, in my health and "diet"). The realization that occurred to me, however, was about much more than a lifetyle or health change. I felt enlightened and suddenly KNEW that the Lord is using the experience of my tumor/hospitalization/recovery to teach me truths and change my life. This is my own personal Age of Enlightenment! A time of learning, growth, change and transitioning to an Enlightened state of mind.

In this age of time, the world was changed from the "Dark Ages" to a state of constant innovation, improvement and enlightenment...about ideas, agriculture and technology. Perhaps only now that I have seen my own personal "dark" times, and hit the very bottom, can I now truly appreciate, understand and implement into my life the many truths and ideas that the Lord really has in store, for me and for each of us.

I continue to feel so blessed that I have gone through so much. I am grateful that my Dark Ages is over and now I am in my Age of Enlightenment, where I can learn, grow and become closer to God. I know many are still struggling through the darkness, be it health problems, spiritual problems, family or otherwise. Please join me in praying for those who are suffering. Please also pray that my friend, Jason (http://jasonslifeisgood.blogspot.com), will be blessed with increased health and enjoy a respite from the many medical problems that make his daily journey difficult to travel. Thanks and love to all!


Emily said...

It is so fun to read your blog and see how things are going for you. I am amazed at your progress and your attitude. Keep up the good work and know that we all love you!

Belinda said...

As always - there is much inspiration and enlightment from your comments. You truely are amazing and a beacon to us all! We love you!
I'm sorry about your hair - I know that would be hard for me - I wish there was something I could do! If there is - let me know!! Love you.
Sorry we did not get to the block party - I found a note on my fridge the day after!!! Hope you had fun!
Love Belinda x

Anonymous said...

Good one on enlightenment and it helps a lot.

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