Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Corporate Kindness, Needed Naps & the Power of Prayer

They said it wouldn't happen. They said it couldn't be done. But, they were wrong, all wrong. I attempted the impossible and tried to get a refund on our Delta nonrefundable tickets to Hawaii, from the trip we didn't get to take in June :( We thought about rebooking, but for that, we were going to be charged $150 a ticket (times 6) for the change fee. Yikes. We can't afford that right now, so I decided to go another route. It was not the behemouth task I was prepared for. It took one phone call, one fax and a letter from my doctor. That's it! Within 7 days, my FULL refund was being processed and in another 3 days, the credit showed up on my card. WOW!!

This may sound silly, but right now, to me, that is a huge blessing. Knowing that some companies still allow employees to have feelings and help those in need makes a big difference. Corporate Kindess is alive and well in the United States! So, next time you get frustrated from a negative experience, perhaps take a step back, look at it another way and try a different approach and perhaps, you, too will have a better than expected outcome! Thanks, Delta Airlines!

We would still LOVE to go to Hawaii to see my family, we are hoping for Christmas, but the tickets at that time of the year from Salt Lake are triple the amount we paid to leave in June (from Los Angeles - long story). So, we will have to see what happens. If anyone knows of a good deal, has suggestions or connections, please let me know!

So, yesterday I had a busy day, out all morning at an appointment, with the kids all afternoon, and well, my body just couldn't take it. By the time the kids got out of school, I was shot. So, I did the nearly impossible and took a nap! (This is hard to do with a 2-year old and a 4-year old in the don't know what kind of disaster you could wake up to!) But, the timing was just right and I got to take a much-needed rest. I wish I could do this every day, because my body still really needs it, but I am grateful I got one yesterday.

I am saddened by the health struggles of some people I love dearly. Please pray for Carol and her family (especially her daughter Jackie and her son Taylor). Jackie is a young ,vibrant college student who is suffering immensely from a rare disease. Her blog is . It hasn't been updated in about 2 weeks, because Jackie has just spent the last 10 days in the hospital. Prayers please! Also, keeping praying for Jason Reynolds, Jodi Carlson, and Doug Peterson! Thanks so much...I truly believe in the Power of Prayer!


annie said...

Hey Girlfriend. I miss you too. You are looking good. Way to go on getting a refund. It certainly pays to be kind.

I need to return a pair of yoga pants and don't have the receipt. Can you help me out? ;)
Happy Huggs.

Tara said...

Woohoo!!! I knew they would refund for you, and you didn't even have to be mean about it. Awesome! Love you, Tara

Perla said...

what a beautiful little tender mercy.