Thursday, September 10, 2009

Eyes and The Size of Your Sighs

Throughout the last week, I have noticed that my right eye feels worse now than in quite some time. This is strange, because nearly everyone who sees me tells me it looks better. I can see that it looks better, but I am having the same (if not increased) problems with it. Now, this may not be my eye itself, it may be the way I am treating my eye...meaning that I am trying to do all my "normal" things again as though I didn't have any problems. But, it is because I feel I have no choice. :) I have kids in 2 schools, 3 soccer teams, 1 dance team, 1 scout pack, 1 piano lesson, plus all the running around of normal families. So, between the grocery store visits, all the lessons and activities, I think I am overdoing it, but I don't really know how NOT to. I am not doing anything "extra" or for myself, so it is hard to know how to slow down.

I go back to the eye doc next week, but I doubt I will receive any revelations there. It is what it is...I have an eye that just doesn't work. Most of the time I can still see well enough to drive short distances, but today I could hardly see at all, so it was good that I didn't go more than a mile from home! So, I all I can do is sigh and look forward to better days. :)

In the last several months, I have experienced many "sighs" as I have lived daily life. Think back over your last several months and see how many of these sighs you have exeprienced, too. (Then think about what each sigh sounds like, as they are all quite different!)

Sighs of relief
Sighs of amazement
Sighs or frustration
Sighs of love
Sighs of sadness
Sighs of gratitude
Sighs of exasperation
Sighs of joy

And, next time you experience "sighs", think about the "size of your sighs". How much joy? How much pain? How much love? I am grateful that despite my challenges, my good sighs are always the biggest!

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GroupieMom said...

Such a wonderful positive attitude - like a magnet. What a blessing to be among you and the special way you look at things. Love you Jodi. Noellee