Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Living, Learning and Ladders

I feel very conflicted right now. So much of my life is so very good, but I am also hurting for so many people I love. Right now it feels like I live in a bubble. I am constantly surrounded by people who are helping me, concerned for me, and there for me. Yet, just outside my little bubble are so many people who are suffering and in pain.

Many that I see suffer from health issues, which, like my tumor, are no fault of their own. These are hard to watch because there are some things in this life we don't get to choose, yet they can impact us every day. However, even more difficult to witness are those who are suffering because of the choices they make. My heart aches for the many people I love who struggle because of decisions they have made. All decisions have consequences, but some are long-term consequences that NEVER go away! I want to reach out to those who are hurting, give them a hug, tell them I love them, and remind them that God and Jesus love them, too. Would that help?? If they really understood that they are children of God with inifinite worth and divine potential, would it help them to avoid temptation?

Deep breath...I guess all I can do now is pray for them and be a listening ear.

I do feel blessed to live in my bubble and have such wonderful friends and neighbors. Tonight I was at church doing an activity with the young women. They did a human ladder and I had to walk across it, holding on to them as I went. With a bad eye, so-so balance and not-so-good depth perception, it was harder for me than I thought. But these wonderful young ladies helped me through it and cheered when I jumped down on the other side. Glad my bubble is filled with amazing people, including the girls I love so much, who teach me about life every day!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes living in a "bubble" gets us through the hard times in life. It's a roller coaster... bumps and all... enjoy the ride. Love, Stacie

britt said...

its hard to not be able to control others and MAKE them see how their choices are affecting their whole life AND others around them. But YOU have way more of a positive influence than you think you do. YOU are amazing! And others see and know that too :)