Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. We "upgraded" our internet, then it didn't work for 3 days! Yikes! I was lost without my connection to the world! :)

Yesterday I was helping my daughter with her spelling words when the door bell rang. Lindi went to get it, but I didn't hear her talk to anyone, so I started to walk over and see who it was. Then, a very familiar face rounded the corner of my house and my childhood/youth friend, Tamee Beaver Sutherland, was standing in my living room!
I grew up with Tamee in Warrenton, Virginia. We met when we were 12 years old and have remained friends for 21 years now (yikes!). I haven't seen Tamee since our 10 year HS reunion, 5 years ago, so I was shocked when she walked in my house. What a wonderful surprise! We visited the whole evening and all day today, until she left this afternoon. She went through heck and back (and about 8 airports) to get here, but I hope she will feel like it was worth it! She brought me a special scrapbook album made from pictures and notes from my friends in Virginia. So special! Thanks to everyone who helped contribute and put it together!

Thank you, Tamee, for the amazing talks, the fun surprise and the years of love!! Thanks Tolan and Tami for helping coordinate the details of this great visit!
Tamee, Daven and I hanging out by our little waterfall in the back yard! Soo fun!
Posing by my front porch. I tried to get my smile "normal" but this was the best I could do.

Tamee and I on the river walkway by my house.

So, because of the internet downtime for the last few days, I didn't even get to post about my weekend. Tolan and the boys had a great time with my cousin, Brad, at the Miller Motorsports Park races on Friday. Trenden drove the go-karts and said it was the funnest thing he has ever done! :)
The kids had soccer games on Saturday morning, then in the evening we went to Tolan's cousin's house for a BBQ. Michelle and Anthony Bocchino are so much fun to be with! The kids all had fun together and the adults, well, I think we had even more fun than the kids! At the end of our fun BBQ, they treated us to dessert at their new store, Yogurt Vibes, a frozen yogurt shop that was sooo fun! We loaded up on the much frozen yogurt, and topped it with as many treats, toppings, fruit, fixings, etc as our hearts desired. :) What a blast! If you are in the West Jordan area by the new Oquirrah Hills Temple, you have to go visit and have yourself a treat!
A great weekend and a great week so far! Thanks to everyone for their continued love...and surprises!


Els Manning said...

I love surprises! Soooo happy for you!Also thanks to the links to Jason's blog. It is amazing what you people have been through. And it makes my life seem so normal, and blessed. It teaches me so much. And everytime i want to go back to being the pre-accident me i am reminded to suck it up...and be a better and improved me.... Thanks for being you, and for sharing!

britt said...

What a fun surprise. Awesome they could pull it off without you knowing!

Anonymous said...

There is a song by Cecilia Benson called "You don't have to can to get to heaven". Those words really struck me. Don't most of us focus on all of the things we can't or don't do? We all have growing to do, things we should do, things we need to do better, but do we see the things we have done? What we can do? We don't have to "can" everything, which we expect of ourselves, we just have to do the best with the "cans" we do have. We all have them.