Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love, Losing ang Lip Syncing


On Sunday at church, a newly returned missionary encouraged us to look for the Lord's hand in our lives each day. This really got me thinking about my life. While I was in the hospital, it was easy to see His hand in my life. I felt blessed and enriched each day, despite the terrible pain and trials. I never felt alone, and truly, I never was. Now I see that I am still touched by His hand each day, but in different ways. Most of the time, it is through some form of LOVE.

Monday evening we had a neighborhood block party and about 50 people were gathered in our front yard and cul-de-sac for a wonderful gathering of friends. It is the love we have for each other that brought us together, and their love and concern for me that strengthened me on difficult days. I think we all feel closer now, having stretched beyond being just neighbors, and becoming friends whoe love and pray for each other.

Yesterday it was being touched by yet another friend and feeling grateful for listening ears and warm hearts. My dear neighbor Cami H. has only lived here a little over a year, but she has taught me much about friendship, sacrifice and love.

A touching email from my virtual friend, Jason Reynolds, also showed me the Lord's hand is in my life. Jason demonstrates unconditional, selfless love in his daily battle to survive and be a husband and father. His influence mean more than he will ever know.

Today, it is my little ones that surrounded me with love. Sweet little Daven and I read stories and played while all the other kids were at school. His love is pure, simple and real. Casen and I cheered for Daven when he went on the big boy "potty" and we all smiled smiles of excitement and love for the "little" moments that really count.


Love is far more important than "losing", but I cannot deny it anymore, my hair really is falling out. How much I will lose is still to be determined (it depends on the amount of trauma the brain has experienced, says my doc), so my status is TBD. This morning my shower, hands and brush were all full of hair. Everyone tells me it is not noticeable, but I can't keep losing this much everyday and not have it show sometime.


This morning I was enjoying the time at home with my little boys. I was cleaning the kitchen and decided to crank up "My Favorites" list on my iPod. Before I knew it, I was lip syncing, singing along and dancing my heart out to U2, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, and even Neil Diamond. It was great, so normal, and so wonderful. Casen kept looking at me and said over and over again, "stop dancing like a rock star, Mom". I think he was stunned at my "crazy" behavior, but I loved it. Music is so powerful - it can be fun, bring back memories, make me cry, make me laugh...but today it made me dance and enjoy life! What is not to LOVE about that?

How has the Lord touched your life today?? I'd love to hear!


Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty interesting that you listed your favorite things the other day, because I was watching a movie and the main character was asked what their favorite things are. I thought it was a good idea so I listed a few of my own in my journal.
I love the peace Heavenly Father gives me when I am close to Him.
The comfort he sends even when surrounded by turmoil.
Friends-not just people you know and are friendly with, but someone who cares and wants only the best for you and you for them. Who celebrates your successes and suports you in trial and failure. Someone who is always on your side.
Laughter with my children.
Cuddling with my grandchildren
Taking Photos
Travel, Family
I think all of my favorite things are blessing and gifts given to me by our Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for His gospel, temples, scriptures, prophets, family, His guidance, and the oppertunity to return to Him.

wjmom said...

This morning two of our teenage children came upstairs all dressed up. They announced that they were fasting for a friend who spent all of yesterday in the ICU. The Lord touched my life by sending me caring children; their sweet friends; the joy that Charissa is out of ICU; the gratitude that it's not one of my children in the ICU; and a gorgeous morning. I also had a fantastic belly laugh first thing this morning--it doesn't get better than that.

Loves and more loves!

Sherri said...


I love your attitude with life. You constantly uplift and inspire all around you. You WILL make it through all of this...and you will NOT do it alone. We will all be there for you. You are a beautiful daughter and a simply beautiful person.
Love you,