Wednesday, April 7, 2010

. . . . . . .Biblical Feats

I have been reading in the Old Testament this year and yesterday I read the story of David and Goliath. I have known this story my whole life, but I had forgotten some of the details. As I read, I was amazed at the boldness of young David, so confident and sure. He was not sure of himself, but of his God, that through Him, David would be protected and would be able to overcome Goliath.

This morning as I was telling my children this story (Trenden already knew the story, Lindi didn't) we started discussing the implications. Trenden asked whether Goliath was killed from the rock, or from David cutting off his head. Yes, these are the things little boys contemplate! The "moral" to the story,as I explained to the kids, was that no matter the obstacle, with the Lord's help, we can do, accomplish or conquer anything!

As we talked about this, our conversation naturally turned to the last year of our lives. I told them that the tumor was my "Goliath", but through God, we had miracles and conquered Goliath.

Then the kids did something they have never done before. They told me how they felt during my hospitalization. Trenden told me how scared he was, because I had a tumor "in a bad place". He didn't know if I was going to be OK. At times, he thought I was going to die. He was petrified for what could have happened. To hear his words was heartbreaking. Lindi, too, was scared. She is less verbally expressive, but she did say the hard thing for her is how much I have changed. The biggest changes were when I was gone all the time (in the hospital), and the physical changes in my face, hair and abilities. She said she was scared she wouldn't recognize me because I looked so different. She even had dreams that she couldn't find me at church because I didn't look like myself.

Quite humbling to hear these kinds of words from my sweet children. But, I reassured them that the Lord is aware of us. I told them how grateful I am that they gained testimonies of God and Jesus Christ, of praying, fasting and miracles. I told them it was all worth it, for those reasons alone. That I would even do it again, just for them and the lessons they learned.

Then we all wiped the tears from our eyes and I scooted them out the door and off to school.


wjmom said...

Your children shall arise up and call you blessed--not only because of a tumor but because of the every day "stuff." God bless!

britt said...

What a neat, unifying experience to share with your children. I am glad you had that bonding moment with them!